The Cut, My Transformation

November 9th, 2017,  I shaved my head. This was not a drastic decision, it was planned. However, many doubted I would actually follow through; I honestly doubted myself sometimes.

Change is something out of our norm. It puts us in an uncomfortable position, but sometimes it’s necessary for growth. Change allows us to see things and even ourselves in a different perspective. As I wrote in my post “The Cut Life”, for a long time, I feel like the growth of my hair has been stunted and that made me fall out of love with my hair to an extent. People always tell me I have good hair and all, but they didn’t know the struggle I was facing. It was a real struggle for me, especially being natural for about 6 years, not seeing growth for nearly 2 years even with all the time and money that I put into caring for my hair. It got really discouraging and frustrating to the point where I decided that maybe I should cut it and start over. I saw many females cutting their hair, all for different reasons and it inspired me, because I had a reason.

I think the biggest thing for me was not knowing whether or not the look would fit me. I valued my hair and I was afraid of how I would feel if I no longer had it. But I had to realize that my hair didn’t make me who I was, it’s just an asset and I can always grow it back, longer and healthier.

In the process of preparing myself mentally and emotionally for the cut, I experienced some personal hardships which I began to see as more of a reason to pursue something new. In the midst of these hardships I began to anticipate the cut, because I believed it would be symbolic of me moving forward. The cut for me was giving myself a second chance to get it right.

On the day of the cut, I thought I was going to bawl my eyes out, but I did not shed a tear! Nope, not one! I think part of the reason was because I really wanted to do it and I had prepped myself for months. I also had a really good friend come with me, so I had moral and emotional support. The barber was extremely nice and shocked that I was cutting off so much hair! Ha-ha. It was a good experience, I smiled and laughed through it. After it was all said and done, I was still smiling and laughing. I felt good. I felt lighter. I was in love and I still am. I decided to dye it a week later and that just made me fall deeper in love! I absolutely love my cut and it’s been growing on me every day.

If there is one thing I learned from this experience, it’s to never oppose change. I know myself well, and anyone who knows me can agree that I can be very stubborn. But I feel that after this experience, I am more willing to try new things and take big, bold steps. Never be afraid to make a few changes. Fear is only an obstacle and once you make the decision to overcome it, you’ll be amazed at the outcome.



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2 thoughts on “The Cut, My Transformation

  1. I’m going through this decision myself and I finally decided that this is it I’m cutting my hair. Not just to let go of the damage that I have but I just honestly believe that it will be freeing and liberating for me. I’ve been natural for a while and I really also want something new. After everyone has told me it won’t look right and not to do it I finally have the confidence to do so and some supporters in my corner. As always like you said, I can grow it back longer and healthier. I’m super excited for this as I come into he new year.

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