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An online community of college students helping one another navigate life with curls on campus.

Our Mission

Is to help you embrace who you are, not who others want you to be!


Founded by @ashleygscott

CurlyInCollege is the largest national network of multicultural college students with natural hair. It started in 2014 as an online destination for students seeking the latest news on natural hair and related lifestyle trends. CurlyInCollege was founded by Ashley G. Scott while a student at Purdue University. In college, she endured a traumatic transition from relaxed to natural hair with little support from family and friends. Through that experience Ashley endured firsthand the challenges students face when learning how to maintain natural hair on campus.

As a result, CurlyInCollege was created to fill a void and provide a safe space for empowerment and self-discovery. She wanted students to have what she didn’t – a support network and access to campus specific information, both on and offline. Every day she goes above and beyond to enact their mission statement which ensures each student of color “embraces who they are, not who others want them to be.” Join #TheCrew if you’re looking for hair and beauty tips, life advice or just desire to connect with likeminded individuals.

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