Set Your Own #RelationshipGoals

Everyone has seen pictures on social media of couples hiking, riding bikes, working out together, hugging and kissing each other, and the list can go on and on. Most of the time those pictures have the caption “#relationshipgoals.” A lot of individuals and couples strive to meet these relationship goals they see across social media. […]

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Know Your Love Language

Let’s face it, dating is hard. Giving someone your undivided attention, sharing your personal thoughts and feelings with another person, and putting a lot time and affection into someone is not an easy task, but it can be done. Knowing your Love Language can help make you and your significant other’s dating experience much easier. […]

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The Truth About Long Distance Relationships

Most college students would agree that long-distance relationships are challenging, but the relationship can work if the couple wants it to. There are numerous ways to help make long-distance relationships successful. One way is by talking to your significant other every day. Whether it’s by Skype, on the phone, or texting, communication in long-distance relationships […]

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