Fashion has been a part of my life since I was a young girl.  I always cared about what I wore to school and would get so upset when my mom would pick out my outfits for the day.  When I got old enough I started picking out my own outfits and a few years after that I was doing my own hair.  Outfits and hairstyles correlates with one another so well.  This blog post is going to be about how I manage to style my hair for my OOTD (outfit of the day).  

Step 1: The thing I do is think about what I am going to wear for the day. (I usually start thinking about this the night before into the morning.)

Step 2: I try on the outfit to see if what I pictured in my head looks right in person haha!

Step 3: If the outfit looks right, I observe the theme of my outfit. For example, I ask myself if my outfit may be giving edgy, contemporary, tribal, hipster etc. I never wear only one style, it honestly depends on how I am feeling that day!

Step 4: Once I figure out the theme of my outfit for the day, I then observe my hair.  Most of the time my hair is in a natural style such as my bush/ fro.  If that is the case, I think of options, either wearing it in a bush, slick high bun, slick low bun, minnie mouse buns, puffs,  twists styles etc.  

Step 5: Lastly, I pick the best hairstyle that goes with my outfit for that day.  For example, if I have on an edgy outfit, I may do a slick high bun or bantu knots.  If I have more of a contemporary outfit I may do my bush or slick low bun.  If I have on a trendy outfit I may do the minnie mouse buns!

Oh wait,  and no matter the hairstyle the baby hairs will be popping! Can’t forget the baby hairs!