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It’s the beginning of a new school year. You’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Your drive and motivation is at its peak.

*First Day of your First Year*

You get to your classes and the professors talks about the syllabus. You’re staring at the paper while it’s staring back at you saying, “Yeah, that’s right my workload is heavy enough for struggling.” You start to worry because not only are you taking this one course, but you’re taking five and that’s about 15 credits as a full time student.

Now that you know you’ll be having a heavy workload for your semester, let us just add onto the fact that you may be working a lot to pay your cell phone bill and credit card bills. All of these issues are now piling up on you and you’re doubting yourself. The overwhelming feeling of not being able to meet the deadlines is killing you softly.

During my first year as a college student, it was definitely an adjustment for me. When I enrolled, I was taking 15 credits, working on campus and trying to be involved on campus in clubs and activities. I imagined myself being very successful and wanted more for myself but I had never had the urgency to give up. Giving up was never a thought in my mind but there is always something that will eat you alive, trying to stop you from succeeding.

Self-doubt is the emotion of feeling like you can’t achieve your goals. It is natural for people to feel as if they aren’t good enough but it is important to stay head strong. If you’re feeling like you cannot reach your goals because self-doubt is in your way, stay calm. The most important thing to do before freaking out is just breathe. Search on google a few exercises on how to properly breathe and find ways to relax. Life does get overwhelming, of course, but that’s the way life goes and we have no control over that. God has a plan for all of us on this earth. He will put you through trials and tribulations in your life that you can handle even if you think you can’t.

Overcoming self-doubt is a learning progress. It is an emotion we won’t be able to defeat unless we put our fear of failing to the side. If you believe that you can do it, then set your mind to it. Never settle for less and keep trying. I am 20 years old and a junior in college. I still suffer from doubting my ability to succeed when I know I can, but it’s okay. Life is not an easy road. The fear of failing will be a never ending battle. Clear your mind, manage your time wisely, take a deep breathe and conquer the world. You are wiser than you think and capable of doing anything and everything that comes your way.