*Direct Deposit hits at 3am*

“Yes, finally some money in my pockets. Time for me to prioritize and set a budget. What bills are due this week? Can I buy a new outfit for the party next Friday night? Should I eat today or put gas in my car? Is that last minute payment for my Apple Music subscription coming soon?”

These are all the questions we ask ourselves prior to making purchases that we think we may need but in all reality, we really don’t. My number 1 tip to shopping on a budget is to save at least 10% of each check you get.

Another tip is every time you get a coupon in your email, make sure to save those until a sale date comes because some stores do let you combine the sale with the coupon. Coupons will be your best friend, your significant other, your companion. It is important to read the guidelines on the bottom of each manufacturer coupon and the coupons/reward certificates you may get from each store. This can determine whether or not you will be saving or losing money.

Additionally, shop at places that are less expensive! I know we’re in the generation of looking good with the best brands but you will be surprised at how much these brands you love so much appear in the thrift stores near you. My local thrift store, the Goodwill, has a rewards program. You can earn points to save on future purchases and still have the latest fashion trends. I have found Ralph Lauren Polo, Tommy Hilfiger and more for less than $10.

Also, buying in bulk at not only thrift stores but regular store will save you money as well. When you go to a store that has a buy one, get one free deal, you can get more than one of these deals as well as applying a coupon or a reward certificate. I’ve also found that shopping on the off season will save you a ton of money. If I wanted to shop for summer clothes, I usually wait until the upcoming fall to purchase items and if I want a cute and comfortable rain jacket, I will wait until the summer to purchase one as well.


My favorite go-to places to shop that will save me tons of money are Forever 21, the Goodwill, the Red, White, and Blue thrift store and online shopping. A lot of online shopping sites have very low key coupon codes that can be used towards free shipping, $10-30 off a purchase in addition to the sale and more. Forever 21 is great for doing deals. You can never go wrong with finding a great deal for less and as college students, we need to be smart shoppers and save towards our future. I’m still a work in progress of course, but I’m working my way to the top to be the best savvy shopper I can be!