Hands down, the Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze by EDEN BodyWorks is our FAVORITE way to make sure those edges are LAID!

It provides a firm, manageable hold as the finishing touch to any hairstyle and the lightweight formula does not create buildup.

STEP 1 Apply a small amount of the EDEN BodyWorks Control Edge Glaze with your finger

STEP 2 Brush in place using a toothbrush or soft hair brush. (Hint: A special brush will be included in our first CurlyInCollege Survival Kit)

STEP 3 – Tie down those edges with a scarf for 5-10mins so they dry in place.

STEP 4 – Remove the scarf to reveal the finished look, yeahhh you cute!

What’s your favorite technique to lay those edges? Comment below…