Actress, comedian, online sensation, and my personal girl crush is this week’s hair crush, Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee not only gets her curly q’s from her famous mother, Diana Ross, but she rocks and embraces her curls too. She’s a free spirit who didn’t let society define her. Her big personality is only complemented by her big hair, which makes her a powerhouse, and overall crush worthy. In an industry that “celebrates” straight hair, Tracee embraces her “different” hair. Her hair is now her trademark, it’s what she’s known for. What’s peanut butter without jelly, or Tracee Ellis Ross without her big hair.

Check Tracee’s video on her hair journey, and loving and accepting her own hair.



Published by Brianna M. Williams

Brianna M. Williams is a student at American University. She is studying Print Journalism, with minors in Graphic Design and Marketing. Brianna is a naturalista who started her natural hair journey about 4 years ago, and doesn’t plan on going back. Dance Moms and E! News are her guilty pleasures. And she loves the feeling and smell of a new magazine, as much as she loves opening a new pair of shoes. Follow her on twitter @BriannaMone. Read her blog:

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