God’s Plan vs. Your Plan

Life happens, and well, things don’t always go as we planned. Usually when this happens, we feel the need to hit the reset button. We try to start all over, take a different approach but maybe all you really need to do is hit the pause button. Have you ever just sat down and thought “maybe things aren’t meant to be this way”? We can be overly ambitious as humans, and this causes us to try to pursue things we ought not to at a particular point in time. God’s plan and your plan, like it or not, may just be quite opposite, or maybe your timing is just all out of whack.

I spoke with a dear friend about a week ago concerning a situation he was currently faced with and despite the sadness and frustration he felt, he said something that resonated: “Maybe this isn’t God’s plan for me right now.” It takes maturity and wisdom to realize this. Imagine just about entering your last year of school after almost 6 years; then suddenly being hit with a financial obstacle. It is normal for one to feel discouraged to want to throw in the towel and give up on school, but would it really be worth it?

Like many things in life, school was designed to be for a specific amount of time: 4 years in terms of undergraduate. However, not everyone is going to graduate in 4 years. It may take some 5, 6 years and some may even have to take a break and then come back to continue. God created each of us uniquely and he set out a plan for us. He knew that it would take some of us longer to achieve certain goals. It doesn’t make you any less of an accomplishment than the next individual.

I really commend my friend for having the kind of mindset that he has. He could have just as easily given up on his hopes and dreams of being the first in his family to attain a degree, but instead he didn’t press reset, he hit pause. He’s taking this time to do all the things necessary for him to be able to go back to school next semester, but also discovering more of who he is as a person. Many times, I believe that’s why God causes us to go through certain situations. There’s something about yourself that he needs you to discover in order for his plan for you to be adequately fulfilled.

The next time you find yourself faced with a tough situation, don’t be discouraged. Your timing and God’s timing are not to be compared. It is not over for you, it doesn’t have to be, just put that goal on pause. There’s something you’re missing and God needs you to figure that out first before he can allow you to continue. The way you envisioned it, is far from how he intended for things to be. Change your mindset because it’s all about how you interpret the situation. At the end of it all, God’s plan will always override yours. Don’t fight it, just accept it.



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