Are You Guilty of Hair Bias?

In 2016, Perception Institute conducted a study to observe the explicit and implicit biases towards natural hair textures. Perception Institute worked with a creative team at Shea Moisture and developed the first Hair IAT. The study included 4,163 participants: a national sample of 3,475 men and women, and a sample of 688 “naturalista” women from an online natural hair community.

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“The study included the Good Hair Survey and the Hair IAT. The survey assessed women’s explicit attitudes toward black women’s hair, hair anxiety, and experiences related to their own hair, and the Hair IAT assessed implicit attitudes toward black women’s hair.”

Some of the results found from the Good Hair Survey were that “On average, white women show explicit bias toward black women’s textured hair” and “millennial naturalistas have more positive attitudes toward textured hair than all other women.” One of the results of the Hair IAT was “the majority of participants, regardless of race, show implicit bias against black women’s textured hair.”

According to the results of the survey and Hair IAT, they suggest that millennials and black women in a natural hair community show more positive feelings towards natural textured hair than those outside of that group.

Do you think you have a bias towards natural textured hair? Find out for yourself. You can take the Hair IAT here




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