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Chyna Jones | @CurlyInCollege
The Underrepresentation of 4C Hair

The Underrepresentation of 4C Hair

Natural hair texture varies from naturalista to naturalista. In order to accurately identify and properly take care of your hair, each hair texture has been categorized based on how tight or loose the curls appear. Below I’ve attached one of many hair-typing charts. (more…)

Meet The Interns: Chyna Jones

Meet The Interns: Chyna Jones

Hey! My name is Chyna Jones and I am double majoring in Psychology and African American Studies with a minor in Women Studies. I am an aspiring race and gender studies professor. I plan on specializing in Black feminism, masculinity and family dynamics in the Black community. I attend the University of Alabama and plan on graduating in May of 2018.

When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition?

I went natural August 6th 2013 after transition for second time.

What was the one deciding factor that made you go natural?

Around tenth grade I realized I was depending on weaves and perms to feel “beautiful”; even at such a young age I realized that this wasn’t healthy for my self-esteem or self-worth. I spent a lot of time on YouTube searching for styles I can achieve with my real hair. I found myself being more attracted to the hairstyles that the ladies with ” big hair” could achieve. As I was doing my research, I learned that “big hair” is referred to as natural hair and that I too can achieve this look.

How has your perception about yourself, and others, changed since you’ve been natural?

Big chopping forced me to accept who I am and what I looked like. It was difficult ( I spent many nights wishing I could get my hair back or change certain facial features) but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I do believe peoples’ perception of me has changed but I try not to pay it much attention unless it’s positive.

Have people approached or treated you differently with natural hair?

I have noticed that guys treat me differently since I’ve went natural; some men praise me while others have negative comments to say. As for other women, I just get a lot of curious stares and questions which I don’t mind at all.

What is your favorite part of your hair routine?

My favorite part of my routine is definitely styling my hair the morning after I did a braid out, twist out or bantu knots. I love the feeling I have after undoing and picking out my hair. I feel as if I can take on the world!

What are your top 3 must have hair products?

Coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil, Miss Jessie’s Leave in Conditioner

What are your top 3 favorite hair tools?

Hooded dryer, flexi rods, perm rods

Who is your current #MCM and #WCW?

I should say my boyfriend is my Man Crush Monday but I have to give it to O’Shea Jackson Jr. because he looked amazing in Straight Outta Compton and my Women Crush Wednesday is always a tie between SZA and Solange Knowles.