A Fashion App to Check Out!

Thrifting has been a hobby of mine for years.  The thrill of finding timeless pieces within a store full of outdated, ugly, and super old clothes is so exhilarating!

One day, I was browsing through Instagram and I saw one of my followers selling clothes on an app. I became curious and downloaded the app and my face instantly lit up! I personally discovered that it was a marketplace called Depop that lets friends sell things to other friends! It is like a global thrift store that you can shop in the comfort of literally anywhere for affordable prices!  

More about the thrifty app…

The Depop app is a fantastic platform with a similar layout to Instagram. Users have a profile with a profile picture, personal bio, and a follower and following count. It also includes a layout of what the user is selling, items that the user is liking and items from other users that can be saved.  Depop has a rating section for each seller and buyer that allows them to choose up to five stars and write a review on their experience.  The rating section of a user’s profile is really helpful because it allows them to determine if that is a user they want to buy or sell from. Depop allows users to privately message each other so they will not have to discuss further business in public. The app has a discover page too! It includes two categories of items and people that users can browse in!  

This app is truly amazing if you are a fan of thrifting! I really do encourage everyone to take a look at the app even if you are not into thrifting because people also sell brand new items as well. If you have an event coming up and need a last piece to set your outfit, check the app out!  You will probably find what you are looking for!  

Lastly, I am on Depop so please do not forget to follow me @sunflowerbeast_.  I sell brand new and old items in my shop, so take a look when you get a chance!    



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