We all know how hectic the middle of the semester can be; the bulk of your assignments and projects are due, finals are coming up, and you’re feeling particularly lazy and just want a break. I hear you! College can be tough, especially in the middle of it all when you’re so close to the end. I’ve gone through countless semesters where I lost my “drive” towards the end.

You know how it goes; it’s cold outside, and your bed is feeling particularly warm that day. Or you have so many assignments that you can’t seem to keep up with what’s due for what specific class, so you just start turning things in and hoping for the best. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

I’m here to help guide you through that “end of the semester funk,” and ensure that you finish strong without burning out in the process. Check out my tips on how to stay motivated and end the semester with a bang (a good bang)!

1. Relax

photo courtesy of favim.com

School is one of the most stressful things you can be involved in, no matter the major. Because of the stress level, it’s easy to forget about our mental health and well-being. Remember to set aside some “me time,” daily and weekly, to control stress and anxiety.

2. Refocus

With less than one month of the semester left, you’ve probably barely had time to look up and realize that you’ve been running on empty. As college students, classes and work tend to take over your life. Take some of that “me time” to figure out where and who you are outside of school. Step away (not for too long), gather your thoughts and maintain mental stability, and come back more focused and ready to ace finals! I also find it’s helpful to think about what you’re working towards. Thinking about the reward can help inspire you to achieve. For example, a friend of mine used the Cultural Care Au Pair programme she was looking forward to as her motivation to put her all into succeeding in her studies.

3. Don’t procrastinate

In my experience, I’ve noticed how big of a struggle this can be for so many college students. It’s a lot easier to place things on an “I’ll do them later” list when you don’t have anyone telling you what to do or when and how to do it. It’s a blessing and a curse. But with finals approaching, this will hurt you more than it could ever help. Do whatever you have to do; set alarms and have accountability partners when it comes to assignments and exams.

4. Get organized

It’s best not to just jump into everything and hope for the best when it concerns school. Grab a planner and set aside some time to gather all of your to-do lists, class assignments, tests, etc. into one set place, so you’re always prepared and never overwhelmed come test time.


5. Don’t give up!

This has to be the most important tip that I could ever give anyone just trying to make it through their college education. There are a lot of all-nighters, some missed assignments, and meals, all types of things. It can become overwhelming and heavy sometimes. But the thing to remember is that you started this journey for a reason. Finish strong!