What is Most Attractive About Natural Males /Females?

I recently did  a small survey on both, males and females around my campus. If many of you do not know, I attend a HBCU (Historically Black College/University), and my school is presented to be very rooted and rich in culture. With the question that I asked, you would not believe the responses that I received! My question was, “Do you think that men perceive you differently now that you are natural?”  To my surprise, I found that many of the natural women on my campus claim to have received more male attention when they were relaxed or had weave extensions, than now since they’ve become natural beauts!

Shocking, right?

In so many ways I could relate to their responses because I have experienced a difference in the attraction of males since I have gone natural as well. The most weird thing about this discovery, though, is that college men are trending the natural look today! For those of you that are not so sure what the natural look is for guys, I got you!

The "oh, so trendy" natural haircut worn best by August Alsina. Sometimes referred to as the "thot haircut" in teen slang.
The “oh, so trendy” natural haircut worn best by August Alsina. Sometimes referred to as the “thot haircut” in teen slang.

This drove me to ask males how has the perception of them changed, since the changing of their hairstyle/cut, and they actually get more attention! With this information, I decided to ask both, male and female, what is it that they find most attractive about those of the opposite sex with natural hair, and here are their responses:

“I prefer natural hair women because it’s their hair.”

-Justin Brevard
-Justin Brevard

“I like the way that most men hair would transition from the soft fade into their natural curl pattern.”

- Janessa Harkley
– Janessa Harkley

“I like that she is comfortable enough with her own hair and that she doesn’t think she needs more to be beautiful. I like women who own their look.”

- Dewayne Cherry
– Dewayne Cherry


“It’s kind of hard to say because every guy isn’t attractive with the natural hair, but the most attractive thing is when they have a nice curl pattern and a clean shape up.”

-Lexis Taylor
-Lexis Taylor

“It looks cute, and it shows that a women put in the effort to look presentable every morning.”

- Jorden Stokes
– Jorden Stokes

“I don’t really care for that hairstyle on my preference of men.”

- Alisha Parks
– Alisha Parks


So there, ladies. With this I have concluded that there are a variety of people that just have a different preference. There are plenty of men out there that are encouraging us to embrace our natural because that is what they like! The bottom line is that if you love your natural, it will never matter to you who doesn’t. Same for you men. Wear your hair however best suits your happiness. I have found that many people don’t like certain trends until someone else does. The newest trend of natural hair can start with you. Be creative. Be natural. Be you!

Comment below and share what you find most attractive about naturals of the opposite sex! I’d love to hear from you!

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