By now many of us have heard about the recent events unfolding on the campus of the University of Missouri.  The racial injustice, protests, resignations, and now a movement across college campuses.  So to get to the present we must look at the past.

The population of Mizzou is predominately white institution (PWI) with about 79% white and 8% black undergrad.  Recently there has been numerous accounts of blacks being hurled racial slurs and a swastika drawn in feces in a dorm bathroom.  One graduate student, Jonathan Butler, took it upon his self to standup against these injustices.  On November 2nd he began his hunger strike to call for the removal of the University of Missouri’s system president, Tim Wolfe.  On the 8th, head football coach Gary Pinkel, via twitter, along side 30 black athletes expressed their unity by tweeting: “The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players.”Practice and other team activities for Sunday were canceled .

Tim Wolfe, who was hired in 2011 resigned on November 9th.

In the aftermath of Wolfe’s resignation threats against black students have been made, forcing an evacuation of black students.  One bully, who made threats against killing “Every black person [he] sees, was caught yesterday.  These protests and threats have sparked other institutions to stand by Mizzou.  Many students coming out and expressing their fears and concerns about their safety on campuses.  Today students are wearing all black to support the #BlackOnCampus movement and to show their support.

Even today we hear of the news of threats against Howard University students.  One anonymous post on a web forum last night prompted the university to increase security.

Many have wondered why target blacks? Why at college? Am I next? Why now? The anger and outrage that is being felt is not just because of today or Mizzou, but the from the summer of police brutality, a year of countless unsolved black murders, and a lifetime of discrimination.