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June 24, 2014 marks the date on which Curly in College posted its first article; the big launch.

Since then, Curly in College has blossomed into a curly guide’s guide to hair, fashion, beauty and so much more. We’ve grown from initially starting with three interns to now hiring for our third intern class. We’ve transcended campus after campus across the country as well as internationally. Curly in College ended 2014 with our first collegiate event  at American University in Washington, DC on Dec. 3.

The Natural Beauty Holiday Celebration event brought together four natural hair bloggers and many students in different stages of their natural hair journeys. At the event, we discussed care hair, styling, journeys and so much more as other naturalista artists played in the background (a la Elle Varner, Solange and Janelle Monaé).

The bloggers included: Naptural Nicole of, Kim Boggerty of KBo e’Scentials, Elle Dennis of Quest for the Perfect Curl, and Tamika Lee.

Check out the pictures below.

Tamika Lee & Kim Boggerty
The bloggers with CurlyinCollege’s Brianna M. Williams
Tamika Lee


Elle Dennis
Brianna M. Williams & Elle Dennis
Brianna M. Williams & Elle Dennis
Kim Boggerty
Tamika Lee



As far as 2015 goes, Curly in College hopes to continue to grow and blossom as a site and brand in the natural hair community. Here’s to a more curly 2015!


Photo Cred: Marissa Howell/AU Photo Collective


So if you don’t know by now, Kim K’s cover for Paper Magazine is old news and Solange’s wedding to longtime beau Alan Ferguson is everything. Yes Solange broke the internet with a wedding that rivaled the royal wedding. From her hair, to her outfits, to her wedding pictures and so much more! Sorry Kim, but Solange had the best internet takeover of all time. Here are 5 ways Solange’s wedding broke the internet:

  1. Solange is known for her impeccable style but her wedding wardrobe changes were literally everything! She’s redefining wedding wear.

  2. Every girl wishes that her wedding pictures will capture her special day but Solange’s pictures will capture a generation. Wedding photos will never be the same.

    Solange Knowles Marries Alan Ferguson

    Even Kim tried to steal Solange’s spotlight back but it didn’t work. Sorry Kim.

  3. Forget a ‘Just Married’ car, bikes are so much more fabulous.

  4. She’s not just a singer, style icon and business woman but she can dance too! Check out Solange and her son, Julez dancing at the reception.

  5. Solange finally got her happily ever after.

    More details on Solange Knowles's wedding!

    Solange Knowles

Naturally Redefined: Delaware’s 3rd Annual Natural Hair & Holistic Health Expo

Picture this.

An explosion of natural hair, natural hair products, and beautiful people who are naturally natural. It’s a naturalista’s heaven, and that is exactly what Naturally Redefined: Delaware’s 3rd Annual Natural Hair & Holistic Health Expo was.

This was my first time ever going to a natural hair show or expo, and I got to be a vlogger for Naturally Redefined, as well as represent Curly in College as a blogger on a panel discussing natural hair care and flair. The experience, priceless.

“I like coming,” said one Naturally Redefined attendee. “I like coming to get products, seeing the new things, being educated on other things about natural hair. And I come with my hairdresser.”

Naturally Redefined really put a perspective on the natural hair community with the workshops, panels, and various vendors that were in attendance. New to the expo this year was the element of holistic health, as the owners of Naturally Redefined, Tywanda Howie and Akira Grenardo made apparent in the planning of the expo.

I was able to gain a lot of new natural hair goodies from the show, such as free samples, a cute T-shirt from Designs Styled 4 You, a satin bonnet, a book on hair politics, and skin tone complimenting new head scarf.

I was also able to meet some natural hair bloggers, some well-known in the Youtube sphere (NapturalNicole, BlackOnyx77, Karen Tappin [Karen’s Body Beautiful]), and discuss hair, protective styles, and just get to know them one-on-one.

Vlogging for Naturally Redefined was a great experience. I got to talk to a lot of different people about their experience and why they liked coming to the expo, or how they got to come, whether it was through friends, social media, or interest. I also got to talk to various vendors and get an understanding of their products like, Loc Soc, Shea Betta, and Alikay Naturals.

Lastly, being on a panel with well-esteemed women in the natural hair community was mind-blowing! It was surreal to even be mentioned among this group of women. I got to answer questions and educate some people on natural hair, which was a great feeling. It wasn’t just my friends asking for advice, but people I had just met. It speaks wonders.

I cannot wait to go back next year, and hopefully get to be a part of it again. In the words of Tywanda Howie and Akira Grenardo, if you weren’t here, “you missed out!”

Blogger Panel 3
Natural Hair & Flair Blogger’s Panel
Blogger Panel
We’re Naturally Redefined
Blogger planel 2


Photo Cred: AJ James, @imruggedlygroomed

Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

Wash N Go – A Fluffy Soft Curl – For People Who Don’t Want Ramen Noodle Definition And Instead Want A Larger Expanded Curl

Description: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls is a styling lotion that has medium thickness in consistency. It has a fresh, clean, heavenly scent for those who are into how their products smell.

Process: I did a wash-n-go with this product, but I’m not a fan of this styling method on my hair. Once it dried I put it up in “puff” or pineapple. But what I did notice when I finger combed the product through my wet hair was that it was easy to glide through and it helped to elongate my hair while wet. I can’t say the same for when my hair started to dry (the main reason, I’m not a fan of wash-n-gos on my hair).

Packaging: It comes in a 8.5 fluid ounce tube that is squeezable for easy access to the product. The packaging has blue detailing with pink letters.

Likes: It stayed true to the description on the tube (as stated above) to an extent. I have 4a hair, so my curls are like little spiral springs, as opposed to larger, looser curl patterns. It definitely made my hair softer and defined. I have never seen my curls so defined until I used this product, so that’s a plus. It made my hair uniformed and tamed, as opposed to the bigger the better, which I am a fan of. But the tamed look was a nice change of look.

Dislikes: Although I totally loved the product overall, I didn’t like that it was hard for my hair to stretch and expand days after using the product. I did not receive an expanded curl like the description suggests.

Rate: A-

This was the first Miss Jessie’s product I have ever tried. They’re a little too pricey for me, but I was surprisingly pleased. I’d suggest this to anyone who is thinking about trying out this product.

Check out other reviews on Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls from the GlamTwinz & Curly Casey!


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Naturalista Spotlight with Aliya Jones

Name and Age?

Aliya Jones, 20

Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I got sick of relaxers breaking my hair off.

How has your natural hair journey been? (childhood til now)

My natural hair journey has been interesting to say the least. The first six years of my life I was natural but my hair became too thick for my mom to handle so she relaxed it. My hair then broke off and when it grew back it stayed the same length all the way through high school. When I graduated high school, I cut my hair to a cute bob and began transitioning for six months. Because my natural roots and permed ends became hard to manage, I braved the big chop. Now I am about a year and a half in and loving it.

When was the moment you fell in love with or accepted your natural hair? Explain.

I began falling in love with my natural hair around March of 2013. After the big chop, I had family members and so-called friends who hated my hair and it took a toll on me big time. I began to watch natural hair videos on youtube where women who don’t necessarily have “fine” hair loved their hair and weren’t afraid to show it. I realized being natural was liberating and fun!

What have you learned about your hair since you’ve been in college?
Since being in college, I’ve learned that my hair is very versatile. I can do so much with it than I thought. I love it!



What is your biggest hair challenge?
My biggest hair challenge is keeping it moisturized. My hair literally eats up everything!

Why do you love your hair?
I love my hair because it’s mine. All of the different textures in it and the way it grows is my very own. It’s a part of who I am and I show it off proudly.

Who is your hair crush?
My hair crush is none other than Whitney (Naptural85 on Youtube) I just love her!

What are your go-to or staple products?

My go-to staple products are water, shea butter, and Cantu leave-in conditioner.

How do you feel about the natural hair community?
I love the natural hair community! I feel that we all are embracing our natural beauty concerning our hair and we’re all willing to help one another out. I wish we could stray away from trying to figure out which hair type is better, though. That’s something I can really do without.

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Hairfinity Hype: 7 Months Progress

I’m hesitant to say that I have not received length because I have, but not as noticeable as I would have thought, or liked it to be. I also cannot say no because with my type 4 hair, shrinkage is real. But let this not discouraged you, I do believe Hairfinity does work. Patience is key. We all know natural hair can be a pain sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things.

Once I finish my seventh bottle, in celebration of not straightening my hair or using heat for seven months, I’ll straighten it to see how much growth I have gained. And then I will truly be able to see if I have gained the length I have been striving for.

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote about a month ago about my experience with Hairfinity. To read the whole article, click here.

So far, I have been taking Hairfinity for 7 months. And during those seven months, I have been alternating between my natural hair and protective hairstyles. Most of the time being in protective hairstyles (my favorite being Marley twists).

Finally the moment of truth, the reveal has come. This past weekend was my twentieth birthday, and I decided to celebrate by straightening my hair. I have used no heat for seven whole months. This is a big deal for me, usually I straighten my hair every time I take out one of my protective styles. Having a perm for two to two-and-a-half years, and then transitioning but still straightening my hair, I developed an admiration for straight hair. Not dependence, but admiration. I did not fully accept my natural, curly, kinky hair until I had to fully learn how to deal with it without the help of my mother when I got to college.

Fast forward to Hairfinity, I started my journey in January 2014, and it’s now August 2014. Let’s talk hair progress:

  • Length – As I said before I have type 4 hair. When I straightened my hair, I found there was growth, mostly in the back. The back of my hair grows way faster than the middle and front of my hair, so that was expected.
  • Volume – My hair has been thick my whole life, and Hairfinity has only added to that thickness. My goodness! I thought my hair was thick before, so if you have thin hair try taking Hairfinity.
  • Texture – Right now, my hair is in an ombre state because last May I dyed my hair bright auburn using the Shea Moisture hair dye line. So ultimately, my hair is two different textures, which is more noticeable when straightened (but only by feel, not look). My hair has been healthier since using Hairfinity, and looks glossier.
  • Curl Pattern – From using Hairfinity my curl pattern has changed. It’s become a bit looser and more defined, curl wise, which I don’t mind.

Here are pictures for comparison, pre and post Hairfinity with straightened hair:

October 2013, Pre-Hairfinity
August 2014, 7 months w/ Hairfinity


Hair Crush: Solange



Solange Knowles, nicknamed “Solo”, is solely a fashion, style, and hair icon aside from her sister, Beyoncé. Her quirky, fun loving spirit that matches her carefree hairstyles is what makes her the perfect hair crush. Whether she’s rocking her ‘fro, braids, havana twists, or natural wigs and weaves, she’s always sure to look bomb. Most started to truly notice Solange in 2009 when she big chopped…nothing was the same. From then on she’s retired the title, “Beyoncé’s little sister,” and we saw her in a new light. She’s bold, and hasn’t looked back since. Since her hair change, Solange’s music has also changed, reflecting a more electric and real Solo. I can’t help but think that her hair awakening influenced her music in a big way. If you’re ever afraid to rock a certain hairstyle, chances are Solange has already done it, so if you take anything away from this, don’t be afraid to switch it up.

Why we love Solange? We love Solange because of her versatility and carefree attitude.



ULTA Mini Haul

So last week, my friend and I decided to go to ULTA to get a few makeup products to test out and see what all the hype is about. I bought four items, all of which totaled $63. Yeah, I know that’s insane (don’t judge me), but I would have to say, they were worth the money. I know these products will last me a while which is why I decided to splurge on them, but I would definitely check them out for yourself.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Benefit They’re Real! mascara

Personally, I’m in love with Benefit They’re Real! mascara, so I thought I’d give the push-up gel eyeliner a chance. Before purchasing this eyeliner, I had never used gel eyeliner; I’m a liquid liner kind of girl. But because I swear by the mascara, I took the chance and bought this $24 gel liner. Now, I know you probably think I’m crazy for buying it, but we all get a little impulsive sometimes, right? Now, this gel liner is the first of its kind because its the first gel liner in pen form. At first, it was a little difficult to use because I wasn’t used to the consistency of gel liner, but the look is flawless (I woke up like this type of flawless). It’s so much easier to do winged liner and the pigmentation is amazing! It does take practice to get good at it, but it was totally worth the splurge!

Photo Source
Photo Source

Revlon ColorStay foundation

Now, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect BB creme, CC creme, foundation, and whatever else you can use to enhance your face with for a while. I never really gave foundations a chance until I decided to go into Ulta last week. I was always under the assumption that they’re too pricey and they would make me look too made up. I’m more of a natural look girl. But I heard good things about Revlon foundation, so I thought I’d give the Revlon ColorStay foundation a try. I am in the color mocha. This foundation is long lasting, and it looks so natural! I love it. One of my biggest pet peeves, was the weight of the foundation I was buying. This foundation is super lightweight and has buildable coverage. I don’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup. It is supposed to last for 16 hours. I’ve never worn it for that long, but I don’t doubt that it would last that long. My only problem with this foundation is that I wish it came with a pump.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

As of recently, I’ve just started becoming a full face makeup girl. I’ve been in the game with eyeliner and mascara for a while, but I thought it was time to step it up. Now, foundation, BB creme, or whatever you use on your face requires a tool for application usage. There are so many brushes out there that I just didn’t know where to begin. I have a few, but none for applying foundation. I considered buying a stippling brush until I found something way easier and just more convenient for me at the moment. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge works great. Apparently, it’s a dupe for the original beauty blender sponge. It applies my Revlon foundation really well and leaves a smooth finish. It’s easier to handle than a brush; it was a smart buy.

Photo Source
Photo Source

NYX Shine Killer

There are certain things that go together: peanut butter and jelly, and foundation and a primer. Now since I bought foundation, a primer was the next step. I decided on the NYX Shine Killer because I had heard good things about it from a friend. After reading the benefits it provides, especially for oily skin (which I have), I wanted to give it a try. When I tell you this stuff is the, it really is. It works so well and truly fights the oil and shine. It stays true to its description of a matte face, and it stays for hours. I’ve worn this out in the hot sun, to a packed concert, and my face and makeup still look great afterwards. I’m definitely going to be repurchasing this again.



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Natural Hair Slang & Terminology

Being a natural isn’t hard enough with having to figure out a hair routine, understanding your hair texture, doing research, and so much more. But there’s added pressure to know all the “slang” or terminology that goes along with being a naturalista. There are some words and phrases that are more obvious than others, but there are certain ones where you’re like, wtf?! No worries, we’ve got you girl! Here’s a few naturalista slang words and phrases that will have you hip in no time.

Banding: A styling technique used to prevent hair shrinkage. You gather the hair into one ponytail or several smaller ones, using elastic bands to secure the hair, one after the other, all the way down to the ends, (or near the ends) of the hair. Bands are left in for a period of time or until the hair is dry.

Bantu Knots: A hairstyle created by twisting hair sections in one direction until they wrap into neat knots. The knots are often secured near the scalp with bobby or hair pins.

BC (Big Chop): Cutting off all relaxed portions of the hair, leaving only natural growth.

CG (Curly Girl): CG is an abbreviation for “Curly Girl,” a book written by Lorraine Massey and Michele Bender.

Coily: A term used to describe the texture characteristic of natural Type 4 hair. The coil is most evident when the hair is wet and/or defined with a styling product

Condish: Conditioner

Cowash: The practice of cleansing the hair using conditioner in place of shampoo.

Creamy Crack: A reference to chemical relaxers.

Curlformers: Curlformers are rod-like hair styling tools that help to create gorgeous, glossy curls, without damaging hair or using heat

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flat Twists: A technique where the hair is two-strand twisted flat to the scalp, similar to a cornrow.

Fluff: The use of fingers or a pick to add volume to natural hair.

‘Fro: Afro

Nappyversary: The anniversary of the day one decided to “go natural” and to stop using relaxers in their hair

Pineappleing: Pulling hair into one large puffs, using a hair tie, scrunchie, or other hair accessory. The puff is positioned at the top of the head. Thishelps preserve the coil/curl definition of the style overnight, and also provides some stretch to the hair.

Product Junky: A person who buys a lot of different products and brands in the quest of finding the “perfect” ones for her hair.

Protective Styling: A hairstyle that helps protect hair from dehydration and damage, by eliminating the need for manipulation, (combing, brushing, picking, etc.) and shielding against environmental exposure, (i.e. sun, heat, cold, wind).

Second Day Hair: The state of one’s hair on the day after it is cleansed, conditioned and styled.

Shrinkage: A term used to describe the reduction of the visual length of hair. It is a process that occurs as wet hair dries

Transitioning: This is the process, (also called “the journey” or “going natural”) whereby one’s natural-textured hair is allowed to grow in, while the previously chemically-treated hair is trimmed off in stages.

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro

Twist Out: A hairstyle created by first two-strand twisting the hair while wet or damp. After the hair is dry, the twists are carefully released and styled.

Virgin Hair: Hair that is natural and has not been chemically processed or altered.

Wash n’ Go: A term referring to a quick and easy styling session whereby a defined finished style is achieved without twisting, braiding, knotting, rodding, etc.



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Hidden Naturals: Celebs Who You May Not Know Are Natural

Being natural does not always mean wearing your hair in its natural state, whether that’s curly, kinky or wavy. Protective styles work wonders for naturals who choose not expose their hair frequently or at all. Protective styles can include, braids, weaves or twists. In other words, styles that cover and protect your hair from the elements and damage. These styles are also known for assisting with hair growth, if done and taken care of in the right way. Now, I know there is a debate as to whether or not if one wears weaves and such, if they are considered natural. But I bet if you take a look at these celebrities that you may or may not have known are natural, they might change your mind.

Angela Simmons

Photo Source
Photo Source

Reality TV star and fashion designer, Angela Simmons has never been shy about switching up her hairstyles, or even colors. But most might not know that Angela is natural.She hasn’t been shy about showing her long, natural hair on Instagram. Angela also just recently started her Hairfinity journey as well, a hair vitamin, that is all the rage in the natural hair community nowadays.




Nicki Minaj

Photo Source
Photo Source


Beneath all the wigs, weaves, and gimmicks, Nicki Minaj has beautiful hair! She revealed her real, natural hair to the world last year via Instagram. This rapper is full of surprises. who would have thought that all this luscious hair was under the pink wig.





Tia & Tamera Mowry

Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source
Photo Source

The world was first introduced to these biracial beauties when their hit show, Sister Sister aired. And back then, bigger meant better, well in regards to hair. We saw their big, long natural curls, and vivacious personalities. But as with anyone in the entertainment industry, it takes a toll on your hair. Tia & Tamera Mowry are getting back to their roots with their natural hair. Tia [R] big chopped first, then Tamera [L] following suit shortly after. Tia’s son, Cree is even a naturalisto. His hair is amazing.


Keke Palmer

Photo Source
Photo Source

Keke Palmer is not just the youngest talk show host ever, but she’s also a naturalista! Keke debuted her natural hair a few years ago on Instagram, and of late, she’s been embracing and showing her followers some of her hair secrets. She’s showed them how she wraps her hair, and some of the products she uses for hair care. Let’s just say, this girl is not afraid to show off her hair in whatever state it’s in.




Sanaa Lathan

Photo Source
Photo Source

She’s an A-list actress who’s starred in movies such as, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, and The Best Man Holiday. Sanaa Lathan has rocked short weave, long weave, curly and straight weave, but it is only to protect her natural hair underneath. Check out her healthy, blown out head of hair.

(P.S. She’s also has famous natural friends like, Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union.)




Oprah Winfrey

Photo Source
Photo Source


The queen of media has millions of dollars to spend on getting her hair done, but she chooses to be natural? That’s right Oprah loves her natural hair.






Photo Source
Photo Source

Brandy stepped on the scene as a singer and actress who rocked braids for many years. Well wearing those braids did her some good, as she rocks her natural hair nowadays, well in between her various weave selections. Brandy had also been known for rocking havana twists, and kinda starting that trend in the hair community.