NaturalNeiicey, Canadian Natural Hair YouTuber, has been spreading her love for the natural hair community since 2012. Prior to starting YouTube, NaturalNeiicey was just a small town girl from Canada going to Catholic School in highschool as well as completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

She realized that her passion for social work didn’t shine so bright so she chose to be a Content Creator. Once she noticed her passion for creating visuals for an audience, she took it a step further and created her channel. She started posting videos doing deep conditioning, wash and go’s, braiding and twisting as well as protective styling tutorials.

She has taken pride in what she does and has expanded her horizons into making updated videos on styles she had done in the past. She uses different products such as Eco-Styler Gels, Curls products, Camille Rose Naturals and so many more. NaturalNeiicey is very raw and uncut when it comes to product reviews. She wants her audience to know what to use and what not to use for a 3c/4a/4b curl pattern like hers.

NaturalNeiicey, reposted by Natural Hair Mag

Her personality is very bubbly, yet straightforward. She takes interest in getting to know her YouTube community and what her audience likes, which is why I am drawn to her.

Not only does she do natural hair tutorials, she also does vlogs about her traveling experiences, fashion and sneaker hauls. She also has two additional channels, “BlackLoveLives,” starring her boyfriend and “BeingNeiicey.” Expanding her brand has made her network branch out and grow and with 460k followers, she is doing a pretty amazing job at it!

NaturalNeiicey, reposted by Embrace Hair Art

I hope to see her channels continue to flourish and for her to continue building those networking opportunities with major brands such as DevaCurl, Curls, or Miss. Jessie’s. I believe she deserves a lot of recognition, especially because she works really hard for what she wants and it truly shows in her work ethic.

If you haven’t checked out her videos, I highly suggest that you get right to it! You will NOT regret it.