Creativity is step one. Innovation is step two.

Entrepreneurship requires strategic planning and execution. It is comprised of two major processes: creativity and innovation. Creativity is the ability to develop new ideas and ways to look at problems as well as opportunities. Innovations involves application of those creative ideas to actual problems and opportunities to enhance lives and to enrich a society. We all have ideas that we wish to implement but too often we allow these ideas to make our minds their home. Your ideas can become substance but you must be disciplined and determined as our young entrepreneurs.

These young individuals who have taken it upon themselves to bring their visions to reality. It is not easy, and it can be very scary. You may fail the first time or even the fifth time but if you want it, you have to go get it. Don’t live through others succeed, rather, use it as encouragement to obtain your own.

The Young Picassos:





“The Young Picassos is a live musical group specializing in various styles of music,” stated the Young Picassos. “Utilizing the steel drum as the focal basis of Caribbean influence, the band flows seamlessly through genres such as Soca, Jazz, R&B, and Neo-Soul. Our purpose is to promote ART through a channel of popular music in diverse ways that you’ve never heard before.”

The group started off as a temporary jam band for a fraternity event at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, Iota Phi Theta’s Valentines Day banquet, in 2016. After such an experience, the three decided to make the band permanent. Three young men, a common interest, and a central goal. The Young Picassos.Band members: Pete Bathelus; 24. Jevaun Grant; 23 and Carlos Noel; 27. Instagram: @theyoungpicassos


Pale | Pink:

Pale | Pink kicked off in the summer of 2013. At a very young age, owner Zyjira Thomas fell in love with the world of fashion. She began modeling for local designers for about 4-5 years. After that experience, she realized that was not exactly what she wanted to do. From watching YouTube videos on how to thread a sewing machine, cut fabric, and sew pieces together, a desire rose in her. She soon expressed to her mother how cool it would be to make her own clothing. Her mother was supportive of this and helped her create a brand name: Pale | Pink. Zyjira chose pink because it is her favorite color, “a bright and happy color”. Her mother suggested Pale meaning to lack the usual intensity of color due to fear, illness, stress.

“Being 16 at the time, I was pale. Bringing Pale and Pink together, I created a line intended for young people. Pale | Pink isn’t the typical straight forward clothing line. I want people to be inspired and make nothing out of something. I produce clothing based off of fabric patterns,” says Zyjira. “My line isn’t based off of having everything match, it’s about knowing that I can be different. Knowing that I can make nice pieces and not have to be like everyone else. Don’t fear being different. Know that success is within and in order to succeed you must Dream. Declare. Do.”







Instagram: @_palepink_



MaisonThreads:  “MaisonThreads is a brand that values affection for community, culture and faith. Maison means “home” in French. Our Maison is not restricted to an area or place, but it is a feeling that comes about when in contact with nostalgic familiarity. Our goal at MaisonThreads is to reinforce that feeling through apparel,” says the founder, Jennifer Nelson.

Jennifer Nelson’s story began not too long ago as she was strolling through Forever21. Looking at one of their sale items, she began to ponder on how much she loved her home and her culture and also came to the realization that people generally tend to cherish home.

“As a first-generation Haitian-American, the pride I have for my “motherland” runs deep and I wanted a platform to showcase that. Having a background in business, I know that a key to wealth is to have multiple streams of income. I didn’t think I was really skilled in anything specific or had the patience to braid hair for example or paint, so I decided to combine my creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, start an e-commerce business, and sell apparel with purpose,” Jennifer says. “Everything that I have and will release has a message behind it and I just want people from all over to take delight in their culture, their community, and their faith while wearing my shirts.”

Sites: www.maisonthreads.com

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @maisonthreads



“I created the stage name ‘hairnista’ because it describes who I am and what I love to do. Up until this day I am always grateful to see how my clientele continues to grow,” says Shmeldjeen Louis.

Shmeldjeen Louis, also known as Mimi, is a freelance hair stylist, soon to be licensed cosmetologist, makeup enthusiast and also a content creator on YouTube. She considers herself to be jack of all trades, and I definitely agree. Her journey to being a hairstylist began at the age of 11, when she began to experiment on her own hair. After greatly impressing an older woman, she decided to take things a little further, practicing on her sisters. Before she knew it, her clientele had grown far beyond expectation.

Makeup was never in the picture for Mimi. She loved and appreciated the art but never saw herself creating the art. However, after years of practice and encouragement from family and friends, a hidden talent was revealed. She says, “I was scared until I realize that I am in an industry that is filled with taking risk so I might as well add this to the books.”

About 3 years ago, Mimi started her own YouTube channel and discovered a love for making videos, sharing her stories and talent with the world. In her words, “Sometimes you never know who can benefit from your stories and testimonies and learn from you. I am young, eager and ready to see what God has in store for me.”







  Sites: www.styleseat.com/hairnista

Instagram: @hairnista_ext

YouTube: _HairNista