It’s very stressful trying to find a wig that will be the best fit for you and I know it can be frustrating choosing one for everyday wear, going out, and more. Before choosing my first wig, I definitely did some deep research on how to choose a wig that will last long, how to maintain the wigs that I have, where can I purchase a wig that will last a while, what colors compliment my skintone and more. I would like to share 3 tips on how I chose my wigs. Please take note that this isn’t an easy task and you should take your time during this process.

My first tip to you is to look at the differences between synthetic hair and human hair. This tip is super important and I can’t stress that enough. If you are looking for a wig that will last very long, synthetic hair should never be your first option. When buying a wig that is made out of synthetic fibers, they tend to frizz and create knotting in the nape of the neck area after a month or so. Human hair such as Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair should be your first choice in buying a wig. This hair texture is made to last longer than the synthetic and when you are to wash it and blow dry after a few months of wear, it will look brand new. I would recommend getting synthetic wigs if you need it for a few nights out on the city, not for your everyday look.

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My second tip to buying wigs is find a wig that has combs and elastic bands to secure the wig onto your head. As silly as this may sound, this tip is very important because if you plan on wearing your wigs to work all day, you don’t want your hair to accidentally fall off. Some wigs do not come with combs or elastic bands, so it’s completely up to the buyer to add combs if they would like or to install and elastic band. Elastic bands are important because if you have a larger head, you can adjust it to your head size. Sometimes wigs come in a “one size fits all,” but the one size doesn’t particularly fit. You can always take out the elastic band and add combs to the front and back of your wig. Bobby pins are also your best friend. Make sure to add bobby pins around the perimeter of your hair. This will add extra security for your hard days at work and/or at school. I can’t tell you how many times I was so close to losing my hair because it wasn’t secure on my head.

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My last tip for you when buying wigs is to do your research! If you are unsure of what wigs to get, what brands to stay away from, Youtuber’s will be your best friend. As I stated before, I’ve always watched Youtuber’s such as Arnell Armon and PeakMill who have experience in choosing wigs that will last longer, are made durably, constructed professionally and also for the lowest prices. Buying a unit isn’t cheap, especially if you would like a unit made of human hair but it’s all about quality over quantity. Don’t be afraid to seek out for an extra opinion on the type of wig you are interested in. Customer reviews are there for you to read to see how it works out for other people. Trust me, I’ve made mistakes in choosing wigs but it’s all about trial and error. Never give up!