Since black women of every texture and type started embracing their natural hair, we’ve been all about it; new styles, how to take care of, what works and what doesn’t. I love it!

We’ve also focused on what other people think of our hair. But what about our black men and their opinions and knowledge of natural hair? I asked around to find out just what they do (and don’t) know about our crowns.


Question 1: What is natural hair?

Answer 1: Natural hair to a black woman is hair that isn’t chemically altered; no relaxers, no texturizers, no permanent dyes.

Answer 2: When a black woman wears her hair in its natural afro state.

Answer 3: When a girl has the hair that she was born with and doesn’t get a relaxer.


Q2: Why do girls wear a bonnet?

A1: Because a normal pillowcase strips the hair of moisture and makes it frizzy.

A2: So they don’t mess up the style they just created.

A3: So they don’t look crazy in the morning.


Q3: What is the process of a wash n’ go?

A1: It’s where you wake up, add water to your hair, and maybe fluff it or style it and make it neat.

A2: I hear my sister talk a lot about those. I think she just wets her hair, brushes through it and goes. That’s why they call it a “wash n’ go” right? You just wet your hair and then go?

A3: Oh, I know this! My girlfriend does them all the time. It’s where you wet your hair, put gel in it and brush it through to make your curls pop!


Q4: How often do you think a girl should wash her natural hair?

A1: Once a month, because shampoo can be very harsh to a black woman’s hair and can strip it of its nutrients.

A2: Every two weeks so there’s no buildup.

A3: Whenever they feel that their hair is too dirty to keep styling, so maybe once a week.


Q5: What’s the difference between kinky and coily natural hair?

A1: The space between the curls.

A2: How easy it is to comb and detangle your hair every day.

A3: I think it’s girls who just have afros and girls who have loose curly hair.


Q6: In terms of natural hair, what is a protective style and when do black women mostly get them?

A1: A style that protects your natural hair. Not only does it protect your natural hair, but is the least manipulative to your hair. It protects it, but also promotes growth. I don’t know when black women get protective styles.

A2: It’s when they wear weaves and braids to keep their hair protected. But I’m not sure when they wear it the most; when they don’t feel like combing their real hair, I guess.

A3: Protective styles are when girls wear braids and twists so their hair can grow. I think they just wear them whenever they feel like it or need a break from their hair.


Q7: What is the L.O.C method?

A1: The L.O.C method stands for, um, leave-in, oil and a curl cream or whatever you use for styling your hair.

A2: I really have no idea; I’m not even going to lie. Ha-ha

A3: I know the O stands for oil. My girlfriend watches YouTube videos about that thing. It makes her hair soft.


Q8: The first relaxer was made and marketed to straighten black women’s hair, true or false?

A1: True!

A2: True.

A3: True.


There you have it, folks! A little mix of what our black men do (and don’t know) about our hair, the ins and outs, and what it takes to take care of it all! Thank you to everyone who participated in my Q&A series! I hope you got in a few laughs because I sure did!


Feature photo via Bee Walker.