Here are some of my favorite fall/ winter beauty trends that will be popular 2017/2018!  


  1. Colored Eyeliner- Sometimes you may need a pop of color in your life!  No worries, you can fix that problem with colored liquid eyeliner!  

  1. Over the Knee Boots- Need to stay warm and fashionable?  A pair of over the knee boots will do the trick!

  1. Slick Back Ponytail/ Bun- Clean looks are are always a goto in the fall!  Nothing is more clean than a nice slick back ponytail/ bun!

  1. Mesh- Meshing it out is so good for layering in the fall!

  1. Fur Coats & Jackets- Fur coats and jackets are a must in the fall/ winter time!  Keeps you fashionable and warm at the sametime!  

  1. Shimmery Lip Gloss- Keep your lips popping this fall/ winter with a shimmery lip gloss!

  1. Arts & Craft Nails- Don’t have time for a sip and paint? Next time you hit the nail salon, tell your nail tech to get arts and crafty on your nails!

  1. Beret Hats- Beret Hats are totally back!  Take the people to Paris!

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  1. School Girl Skirts- Want to feel like a kid again and be fashionable at the same time?  The schoolgirl skirt would be perfect!  

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