My name is Tatyanna Hunter. I attend Hood College and will be finished in December 2015, and will officially graduate in May 2016.

When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition?

I went natural in March of 2014. I did the big chop!

What was the one deciding factor that made you go natural?

The deciding factor that made me go natural was when my hair broke off when I got a perm. My hair was growing long and healthy with perms for years, but early in 2014 my hair broke off and I was devastated because I lost so much length. From there, I started seeing more natural celebrities and natural women on social media and I decided that I wanted to become a natural sister as well.

How has your perception about yourself, and others, changed since you’ve been natural?

My perception about myself and other have changed since I’ve been natural because I see more confidence in myself and other women when they have natural hair. When I see women with natural hair I see that they have a sense of pride in their natural beauty and that is awesome.

Have people approached or treated you differently with natural hair?

People have approached me differently because I actually get more compliments on my natural hair than I ever had when I was getting perms regularly. A lot of women come up to me and call me “sister” or “natural sister” and I think that it’s cool that wearing my hair naturally kind of opened me up to a new sisterhood and community.

What is your favorite part of your hair routine?

My favorite part of my hair routine is wash day! I love washing my hair because it feels so great and soft. I love seeing my shrinkage and seeing how my hair looks naturally right after I finish washing it. It’s a long process, but also a very fun and relaxing process as well.

What are your top 3 must have hair products?

My top three must have hair products are all Shea moisture products because its my favorite brand. From the Leave in Conditioner to the Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the Curl and Shine Conditioner.

What are your top 3 favorite hair tools?

My top three must have hair tools are bobby pins, satin bonnet, and my deep conditioning cap.

Who is your current #MCM and #WCW?

Aside from my lovely boyfriend, Shawn, my #MCM is Shia LaBeouf and Youtube star Jacksepticeye. My #WCW has to be my favorite singer/celeb Ariana Grande and the amazing fashionista Stacy London.