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Did you get a perm? The answer is No!!! I get asked this question often when I get my hair straightened. I receive more compliments when my hair is straightened than when my hair is natural. Although I do not have a problem with the compliment situation, I just believe that straight hair is accepted more by the society. However, I do not let the society deter me from doing what I think is best for the overall health of my hair. I understand that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, and I respect that. Since natural hair is becoming a trend, kinky textured hair is becoming less of a BIG deal.

I get my hair straightened every six months. Unfortunately, I have not mastered straightening my hair on my own. I go to the salon, and my beautician uses the hot comb to straighten my hair. I wish I could get my hair straight with just a blowout and flat iron, but my hair is a little too kinky for that and needs a little extra heat.  I have 4b/4c hair, so it takes more time, and it is a little more difficult to straighten my hair, especially if I want it silky straight.

I choose to get my air straightened every six months to help prevent heat damage. Heat damage causes a setback in the natural hair journey, and I am looking to move forward in mine. I also use this time to get my ends trimmed. Since I only get my hair straightened twice a year, I am not opposed to having straight hair more often. I just like rocking the kinky hair look most of the year. I know that it is probably just a mind thing, but I feel that my hair grows faster when I wear it natural.

I usually leave my hair straight for about three to four weeks. I maintain it by wrapping my hair every night using and Denman Brush and a wide tooth comb. Then, I put on a mesh wrap and a satin scarf to hold it in place. After my hair usually start to puff up after a week, I use Alikay naturals heat protectant spray and curl my hair using my Conair flat iron. This process puts the body back into my hair. I only do this once; when my hair puffs up again, I either find other styles or wash it and begin wearing it natural again. Maintaining my straight hair is easier than maintaining my natural hair, simply because all I have to do is wrap every night and take it down every morning.

Yes, I prefer my kinky hair over my straight hair. There is a lot more I can do with the kinky texture. However, having straight hair gives me a break with the daily maintenance of the kinky hair. I love the versatility of natural hair. It allows me to explore my options and express my individuality.

Do you prefer the kinky texture or straight hair?



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