Product Review: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

Wash N Go – A Fluffy Soft Curl – For People Who Don’t Want Ramen Noodle Definition And Instead Want A Larger Expanded Curl

Description: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls is a styling lotion that has medium thickness in consistency. It has a fresh, clean, heavenly scent for those who are into how their products smell.

Process: I did a wash-n-go with this product, but I’m not a fan of this styling method on my hair. Once it dried I put it up in “puff” or pineapple. But what I did notice when I finger combed the product through my wet hair was that it was easy to glide through and it helped to elongate my hair while wet. I can’t say the same for when my hair started to dry (the main reason, I’m not a fan of wash-n-gos on my hair).

Packaging: It comes in a 8.5 fluid ounce tube that is squeezable for easy access to the product. The packaging has blue detailing with pink letters.

Likes: It stayed true to the description on the tube (as stated above) to an extent. I have 4a hair, so my curls are like little spiral springs, as opposed to larger, looser curl patterns. It definitely made my hair softer and defined. I have never seen my curls so defined until I used this product, so that’s a plus. It made my hair uniformed and tamed, as opposed to the bigger the better, which I am a fan of. But the tamed look was a nice change of look.

Dislikes: Although I totally loved the product overall, I didn’t like that it was hard for my hair to stretch and expand days after using the product. I did not receive an expanded curl like the description suggests.

Rate: A-

This was the first Miss Jessie’s product I have ever tried. They’re a little too pricey for me, but I was surprisingly pleased. I’d suggest this to anyone who is thinking about trying out this product.

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