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Nakiayah’s Natural Hair Journey | Shea Moisture TV - @CurlyInCollege

CurlyInCollege is partnering with SheaMoisture TV. All 2019 we’re talking with college students in New York City about their “Natural Hair Journey”. Read below and let us know in the comment section if you can relate…


Meet Nakiayah, a college student and Business Administration major at New Jersey City University graduating in 2021.

What’s your natural hair story?

When I was in eighth grade, I decided to stop perming my hair because I was tired of the long process of going to the salon and my hair would itch so much afterwards. I started to dye my hair, going through different colors every few months. My hair has been brown, red, honey blonde, jet black. It was not until I found out on social media about natural hair and what dye can do to it. I dyed my hair “natural black” and then I stopped putting heat on my hair.

I decided at a young age to stop getting perms but because I did not really know what my hair type was. I felt alone because I would never see anyone around me with curly hair everyone’s hair was straight. My hair is so thick, I would hear it all the time growing up that I had a lot of hair. With help from social medial and reading blogs I was able to figure out what exactly to do to my hair. I wanted to be able to know my hair type and understand how to maintain my hair and help other girls like me.

Transitioning from relaxed and natural hair has helped me so much. When I was younger, I use to always see my hair very thin because of my perms. Yes, it may have been easier to maintain but after a few weeks I would feel my real hair growing and the perms would not last. My hair has grown to be so thick and full and I love it so much.

Protective styles like box braids and sew ins were my go-to styles that would help my hair grow. I achieved waist length hair, but I still had color in my hair and sadly it was very damaged. I decided to chop some of it off and start over. That’s when I was able to really see improvement in my curls, but I destroyed them again because I was not confident enough to wear my hair out and started to straighten it more. Wigs and braids allowed me to change my hair color. They allow me to have different styles while protecting my natural hair. I feel as though many girls wear protective styles to get rid of the heat damage faster. I personally believe that it has helped my hair grow so a lot over the years.



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