Before I get started, let’s all get on the same page. First, I am not a true aspiring makeup artist, I just like to pretend and I really enjoy the art. But, if you are one, I hope that you are encouraged by this post. Second, this post is not solely focused on perfecting the craft of makeup you can definitely apply it to whatever craft you may be trying to improve or perfect. So, here we go!

Prior to my freshman year of college, I had only worn a full face of makeup for high school prom. Wearing make-up as a child was kind of forbidden in my house. The most I ever wore was mascara and on rare occasions eyeliner. My parents did not think it was important or even reasonable for a child my age (at the time) or younger to wear makeup. Of course, now I definitely agree and I’m sure most of you would also agree.

For my senior prom in high school, I did not have money to go to an actual MUA, so I borrowed my mother’s make-up and you can see the results below. It’s not the most flawless look but for the first time doing makeup myself, I’d say it was pretty good, to the point that people actually asked me who did my makeup, and that’s where it all began.

Fast forward to spring semester of my freshman year at Rutgers, when I finally bought my very first bottle of foundation. Before this, I bought my first eyebrow pencil and I taught myself how to do my fill-in and shape my eyebrows. I started off not using any concealer so you can imagine how they looked. Then, a couple months in, I finally bought some concealer and learned how to use it. So, when spring semester came around, my make-up consisted of foundation, eyebrow pencil, concealer, eyeliner, a small palette of eye-shadow (3 colors) and mascara. I did my best to work some magic with these six items as you can see below.

End of fall semester freshman year/beginning of spring semester. No foundation, no concealer, just eyebrow pencil, a little eye-shadow, and lip color.
Spring semester freshman year. Foundation and improved eyebrows using concealer.








Summer after freshman year, I kept practicing and my skills got better. My collection grew but not by much. All that was added was a variety of lipsticks and lip-liners.

I didn’t discover setting powder or contour and highlight until the middle of fall semester, sophomore year. I never really watched any YouTube videos to learn how to do makeup, I simply tried things, constantly failed and asked questions. A lot of people I met at school and church were into makeup and were far better at the craft than I was and I took it upon myself to get some knowledge from them. I feel like I have come a long way on my journey to perfecting the craft of makeup, and every day I get even better.

Fall semester freshman year. Using setting powder, contour/higlight
Full face make-up done by me for my birthday photo shoot this past summer







I never considered wearing makeup to be a necessity. I did however admire its enhancing effect. I’m not saying that women are not beautiful without makeup, or that they use makeup in hopes of making themselves appear beautiful. This is a big misconception that never seems to be resolved. All women of all shades and skin types are beautiful despite whether or not they choose to wear makeup. I strongly believe that makeup should be used for enhancement purposes, and appreciation of the art that can be created. I am opposed to women wearing or using makeup for the wrong reasons. Love yourself first, just the way you are. Makeup is secondary.

If you’re reading this and you are hoping to someday get into the makeup industry or any industry at all, practice definitely makes perfect. Even if you have no knowledge of the field, you are capable of learning and implementing. Always think about why you want to do whatever it is you want to do, ensuring that you have the right intentions.



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