Major Keys to Success: #1 Believing in Something

Hi there curly friends! I am super excited about our new series “Major Keys to Success” and I hope you all are too!

Today we’re going to be kicking things off by delving deeper into Major Key to Success number 1: Believing in something. In other words, having faith. Yes, that’s right faith. I’m sure when many of us hear this word what initially comes to mind without a thought is religion, which is absolutely ok. However, that’s not necessarily what we’re here to discuss today. Before we get back to faith and what exactly I mean by that word, let’s talk a little about why having these so called “keys to success” are important.

I want to believe that success is a chief component in the ultimate goal of all human existence. We all work very hard, sacrifice so much all in the confidence that one day it will all pay off. We hope to one day be able to look around and be satisfied but moreover, strongly convinced that we have achieved the highest level of success which we want to attain.

This is the dream, but getting there is the difficult part. Many people start off so well but along the way, things go south because they weren’t equipped for the journey on which they embarked. So here I am sharing with you all some major keys that have helped me on my journey thus far, and these same keys have helped many successful people.

I sat in an auditorium about 3 weeks ago listening to a pediatrician share her story of how she became who she is today, and I was touched because where she is, is exactly where I hope to be in the coming years. She shared with us her top 5 keys to success which I grouped together for a total of three and number one is faith. For the purpose of this journey to success, faith is believing in a supernatural power.  This does not mean that you must be religious, you just have to believe and be convinced that there is a power higher and much greater than your own.

Now you may be wondering why so here it is: There will be times when you want to genuinely give up. There will be times when you sacrifice all that you have accomplished in hopes of achieving one great reward but it does not play out the way you envisioned. There will be times when that dream that seemed so close to becoming reality now appears to be far out of reach. In times as such, only your faith can get you through.

For me personally, my faith lies in God and in Christ. I know that I have only begun my journey and have seen only the smallest of the tests and trials that there are to come. However, I can assure you that during these testing times, the one thing I know for sure that has gotten me through is trusting in God and relying on him for strength to carry on even when I feel that I no longer can.

So, whatever you choose to put your faith in, stick to it because in the toughest of times, that is what will carry you through. Inner strength to fight even when the battle appears to be lost only comes from a greater source. What will yours be?



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