Since I was a little girl my mom would always put relaxers in my hair because of how thick it was. My mom would style my hair with the typical little black girl plaits and twists with the colorful balls and barrettes! She thought that having my hair out was a bit too grown at my age. I can remember wanting to wear my hair out so bad because all my friends had theirs out and it would flow so nice and pretty in the wind during recess. I used to beg my mom to let me wear my hair out but she was not having it!

When I started middle school she pretty much let me do what I wanted to my hair except dye it. I started to wear my hair out and I also started to get protective styles like individual braids and twists too! I would get those wild colors added into the braids like pink, red or purple. I personally wouldn’t get this style now, but I was super happy at that moment haha!

Before I knew it, I was in high school! I was still getting relaxers during my freshman and sophomore years. I stopped getting relaxers when I realized how much damage it caused. I was apart of the cosmetology program my school provided. That’s when I learned all the facts about what a relaxer technically does to your hair. Even though I stopped getting relaxers, I would still put heat on it, causing my hair to have heat damage.

With that being said, the middle of my 11th grade year, I decided that I was going to commit to putting no heat on my hair and wear protective hair styles like Bantu knot outs. Well actually, bantu knot outs were the only thing I started to get into for a while. I also wore tracks every once in awhile due to my runway fashion shows and photoshoots. I wore protective hairstyles for the rest of my high school career. My hair was slowly becoming more natural as the years went by.

During my freshmen year of college, I was still wearing Bantu knot outs because my hair was not quite natural enough to do two strand twists. I was switching between bantu knot outs and wearing it straight. During my second semester, I cut my hair into a short cut because my hair broke off from stress and heat. During my transition stage, my hair was very fragile. However, that cut really helped out with my natural journey because a significant amount of straight pieces got chopped off, but I still had a lot left.

Sophomore year was when I became a complete natural. No more in between stage! I started doing all kinds of natural hairstyles! I stopped doing bantu knot outs and started two strand and flat twisting my hair! I was so happy that this moment finally came true! From then to now, I am still loving my natural hair with all of my heart. It’s truly a part of me and my life. I could not even imagine putting those harmful chemicals back in my hair again.

The pictures below are a few images that displays the process of my hair journey.