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FroDown 2019 x CURLS - @CurlyInCollege


Need we say more? A VEGAN hair product. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but with CURLS, it is more than excellent!

CURLS is helping out the conscious curlista by introducing their very first vegan line of products.

(Photo via Instagram @V.KnoxMedia)

If you’re new here, #FroDown is the ultimate celebration of natural hair on college campuses! Every year we partner with brands that align with our mission and wish to empower college students — making it a little easier to rock your curls on campus.

For our 2019 FroDown College Tour, CURLS will be sharing with student attendees their new, ‘The Green Collection’ which is to die for! We already love a good product that is dedicated towards curly hair textures but a product that is entirely green AND focused on curls?! *swoon* We are in love!

Photo via www.curls.biz

For 2019, CurlyInCollege is powered by not one, not two, but THREE brands and CURLS will be providing our FroDown attendees with their new Avocado Hair Mousse!

According to CURLS, their “Green Collection is for all curls. The Green Collection is everything you need for cleansing, conditioning, and styling. Create braids, twists, roller sets and more while nourishing your hair.”

Photo via www.curls.biz

Each product in the collection including their Avocado Mousse is certified organic and guaranteed to use the best, high-quality products.

The Avocado Mousse is fantastic for the hair that is prone to breakage and tends to be dull and frizzy.

After you cleanse, rinse and condition your hair, then set your curls with the Avocado Hair Mousse. This product is perfect for twist outs, for wash n’ go’s,, braids and more. Not only is this the ideal product for styling but it is impressive when it comes to preventing breakage and fighting frizzy, dull hair.

Personally, we can’t be more biased.  We love to represent products that help us care for our curls, but we fell in love even more when we found out the ingredients were ethical too.

Don’t miss out! Make sure you are one of the first 100 students in line at your school’s FroDown to receive a swag bag that includes products from CURLS and our two other sponsored companies as well!

You can also find CURLS products and the rest of ‘The Green Collection’ at CVS, Walgreens, Target, CVS, SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY, and other stores near you! Visit their website or sign up for SMS messages for easy ordering, exclusive offers, coupons, and more: www.curls.biz.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow CURLS on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so you don’t miss any special offers, events, or product launches. We can’t wait to see you at FroDown!