“Rapping is for males.” “You will never make it in this male dominated culture.”
“Hip Hop is for the men who need to listen and recognize their story in a musical form.”

False, False and False. Hip Hop and rap plays a major part in today’s society and of course, the industry is male dominated. I appreciate all of these men who work hard for what they have:
the marketing skills they have used to build their audience, staying up late nights,
touring city to city, and even continent to continent. A man’s hard work in the music industry will
never go unnoticed but a woman’s work always seems to be overlooked.

Women are fighting their way to the top to get the recognition they deserve. The hard-working, over-achieving, Bronx native, Belcalis Almanzar, also known as,Cardi B is becoming one of rap’s newest moguls in the industry. She started off being just a regular ‘degular’ girl from the Bronx, making 7-10 second comedy videos on the apps, Vine and Instagram as well as being highly involved with working in clubs. She wanted to expand her career and she believed she was destined for more than just living in the city that never sleeps.

Cardi B’s career started when she released her first mixtape, GBV No. 1, while given the
opportunity to star on the reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop: New York. Of course, Love and
Hip Hop is for the celebrities who have potential Hip Hop and rap careers in the works and for
Cardi B her rapping career skyrocketed. Her audience loved her music, her raw attitude, and
most importantly her work ethic that they wanted to hear more from her. Cardi B left Love and
Hip Hop: New York after her second season to chase her dreams in becoming a role model for all the women who wanted to pursue rapping as a career.

Ms. Cardi B’s accomplishments thus far have been producing not one but two mixtapes
in a 6 month time period, features with one out of three Migos, D.R.A.M, and a new fire hit
single titled, “Bodak Yellow.” She also makes frequent appearances in cities near you. She has
been nominated for two B.E.T awards which are, “Best New Artist” and “Best Female Hip-Hop
Artist.” Although, she didn’t receive these awards, it never stopped her from grinding harder
each and every day. At the 8th annual OVO Fest held in Toronto, Cardi B was one of Drake’s many guest appearances as well as a guest appearance at the 2017 Veld Festival held in Toronto, where Migos brought her out to perform the new hit single, “Bodak Yellow.”

There could’ve been many times where Ms. Cardi could’ve given up on her dreams of
becoming a debut rap artist. Not being signed to any record labels, working hard for her fans has proven to all the men in the industry that women can be just as great, if not, 10 times better!

I would like to say thank you to MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Lil Kim, and all of the other female rappers who have paved the way for the new generation of female rap artists like Cardi B.

Photo courtesy of “The Fader”.