1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

I discovered this deep conditioner about a few months ago when I was looking for a conditioner that would work safely with my newly colored jet black hair. I tried using deep conditioners and my curls were very dry and brittle. I thought, maybe I should add an oil such as Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to my hair but unfortunately my hair was just too dry for my liking. I asked a friend about what she used for her deep conditioner and she referred me to Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. This conditioner hydrates the curls, leaves the curls easy to detangle for wash and go styling or protective styling and also strengthens the strands after abusing them for the week. My suggestion to people starting their natural hair journey, I would definitely recommend this product. It retails for about $3-5 depending on your local drug store. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

  1. EDEN BodyWorks Natural Deep Conditioner

A few years ago, I attended CurlFest in New York City and they were giving out full size samples of this product. I was skeptical at first about trying this brand because I have never heard about it before.. I decided to give it a try and by far this is the second best deep conditioner I have used aside from my holy grail product. This conditioner is great for detangling my stubborn strands and over- processed hair. Over the years, I have colored and straightened my curls drastically and I noticed a change in my curls over time in the summer. I used it so often that I ran out! This product retails for about $8-10 and you can purchase it online or at Target/Walmart. My local drug stores did not have this product so I will have to order online. Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Natural Deep Conditioner

These two products have been holy grail products for me since I have started taking care of my curls again. I don’t think I will ever stray away from these products especially because they are less than $15 and will last me a while. I would definitely suggest these products for all hair types as well.

My friend and I both have different hair textures and types and both of us use these products. We promise you these are true reviews and we have been using these products for some time now so we know what works and what doesn’t. So now it’s your turn to try them out! You’ll fall for these wonderful products just like I did.



Feature image via @journeytowaistlength