CurlyInCollege© Virtual Fall Internship Opportunities – 2015

Deadline to Apply: August 14th, 2015

SUBMIT RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO: ashley@curlyincollege.com

Duration of Internship: August 19th – December 4th, 2015

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CurlyInCollege© invites enthusiastic students to join a talented team of global ambassadors that will build the fast-growing digital publication: CurlyInCollege.com

CurlyInCollege© is a resource that celebrates students who are bold enough to navigate a life with curls on campus.

Applicants can be male or female but must be at least 16 years old. They should also be avid readers of natural hair blogs, books, video blogs, and will likely consider themselves “product junkies” and/or “trendsetters” in their high school or college community. Having personal experience transitioning to and/or maintaining natural hair is a plus.

Positions Available and Requirements Listed Below:

Bloggers (Multiple Positions Available)  

  • Submit weekly blog posts that will be featured on the blog and associated social media platforms
  • Participate in bi-weekly team update conference calls
  • Require excellent photography skills and/or a good eye for outstanding images
  • Confident writing skills
  • A strong sense of style and an interest in entrepreneurship or tech startups
  • Reliable computer and high speed internet connection
  • Access to a good quality digital camera/lense/tripod (preferably DSLR)
  • Photoshop experience, or experience with similar photo editing software a plus
  • Large social media following

Social Media Ambassadors (3 Positions Available)

  • Promote CiC’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube pages
  • Develop strategies to meet growth metrics by given deadlines
  • Implement social media plan consistently
  • Maintain high engagement numbers
  • Requires a good eye for outstanding images
  • Reliable computer and high speed internet connection
  • Outgoing and works well with others
  • Strong communicationskills and willingness to work remotely

Other Skills Required for All Positions:

  • Experience with WordPress or other blogging platforms (include links to personal blogs or guest posts)
  • Proficient with Google Apps and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Video editing experience is a plus, but not required (include links)
  • Positive online reputation as documented by applicants social media/blogging behaviors
  • Proven ability to function efficiently on a team and rally campus/school support for a specific cause (explain in cover letter)
  • Experienced bloggers with published posts on existing sites are encouraged to apply (include links)
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to self edit blog posts
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly

Fun Perks for Curly In College Interns:

  • review new products
  • free CurlyInCollege© branded merchandise
  • free passes to natural hair shows
  • heightened credibility as a result of having been featured on a prominent blog

* This posting advertises unpaid, part-time, fall internship opportunities. Perks vary by position *

As a result, those currently employed or interning elsewhere are still encouraged to apply – These internships will only require an estimated 5-10 hours per week and work will be done remotely (not in person).


CurlyInCollege© Virtual Fall Internship Opportunities – 2015

Deadline to Apply: August 14th, 2015

SUBMIT RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO: ashley@curlyincollege.com

Duration of Internship: August 19th – December 4th, 2015

Questions? Contact ashely@curlyincollege.com

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