Just when you thought your eyebrow game was on fleek and flawless to a T, social media wanted to switch it up on us!  Thats right!  Squiggle brows is a new eyebrow trend that will have you totally flabbergasted if you have not witnessed the new trend yet.  This new brow trend popped up out of nowhere by beauty and makeup influencers.  They are having so much fun with this squiggly look!  I have been seeing these squiggle brows all over my instagram discover feed in total shock.  When I first saw it, I really did not know how to feel.  I was stuck in between the thought of “should I draw squiggly brows on my face the next time I want to get cute?” or should I absolutely hate the jaw dropping trend?  

Photo via nine.com.au

The whimsical look was created by vlogger Promise Tamang. She was inspired to try the squiggly brows after she saw someone slaying the new trend in a photoshopped picture on social media.  So shout out to her for the whimsical vibes that has been in the virtual air lately!

Photo via nine.com.au

Some makeup artists are either going all out with the whimsical trend and others are not so dramatic which once again makes you question if this is actually okay to slay in public!  The more dramatic looks are followed by lid decorations that may involve glitter, bright eyeshadows and long wispy lashes!   

Photo via Instagram @claudia_w

So girlies, my college best friend who is a makeup artist did a dramatic squiggly brow look on me!  I felt like the cutest whimsical character from Dr. Suess!  Make sure you follow her on instagram @beecush and her youtube channel, itsjustBey for amazing beauty tips and tricks!

Photo via Instagram @beecush