Experiences of the Winter Natural

In between teaching my friend how to body roll and my pursuit of warmth this winter, it’s been a…unique season so far. With the cold weather coming in, I’ve literally had to apply at least 4 different layers of aloe vera gel to my face a day, which is admittedly not the best moisturizer, and I’ll usually end up with a beard of ash on my face at some point.


Although I enjoy this time of year —and not so much the ash— all the precipitation, the way the sky turns pink and brown, the holiday themed music, one of favorites being Baby It’s Cold Outside- even withstanding the creepy and questionable nature of the man’s intentions (seriously listen to what he’s saying)- it can be a hard time for naturals.


To be honest, this winter actually hasn’t been that tough on my hair. After, what, two years of doing my own hair, I haven’t felt the need to rely on protective styles.


Although most people don’t recommend this during the dry months, I’ve been doing……. (extended drum roll…) a twistout. I’ve been able maintain the moisture in my hair with aloe vera juice and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve (I have one), I’ve been able to make things work.


Since going to Hair Rules in New York, I’ve been doing my hair about every three days, maybe five… and aloe vera juice has kept my hair feeling really soft. With a couple of spritzes of the aloe, my hair stays nice and moist. Now for a while, I didn’t even know my hair was dry, until my mom pointed out that if, when I spray aloe on my hair, it sucks it up within a matter of minutes, then it’s dry. Another great way to tell if you’re hair is dry, as I’ve learned, is if you go to bed bagging your hair, to wake up with your bag tossed aside and your hair in an Elvis-like mohawk– then your hair is in fact in need of some moisture, and as my generation says full of “thirst”…


photo credit: http://media.giphy.com/media/Ti4OGLy0a0Mvu/giphy.gif


Knowing how my hair reacts to the cold, I’ve had to adjust to the weather, so that I could keep my hair in check, and for me aloe vera is really good for that. But really now that I’ve discovered how to keep my hair moisturized, although I’m a little late with this trend (as with a myriad of other things, mainly social networking sites…), it’s really been a matter of keeping all the moisture in. Although I want to be a living embodiment of Pinterest, to wear beanies and other cotton headgear without shame, I’ve had to do some searching to figure my way out of that, too. Let’s just say satin bonnets are good for more than sleeping. So while scrolling through my Facebook feed (update: I’ve finally caught up… kind of), I saw a Curly Nikki post about putting satin bonnets underneath hats to stop breakage and to keep friction in it’s place.


So to be clear, you can bet that that H&M beanie I have in my drawer, will be worn… So what do you do to your hair during the winter season?


Happy Imminent Holidays,






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