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Everywhere you turn another girl is natural, turning natural, attempting to be natural, etc. But being a naturalista isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. I, myself am natural, and I love my hair, but it took a long time to get to loving my “beautiful monster”. She (as in my hair) tends to do her own thing most days, but that’s what makes everyone’s hair different, and special, and quirky. The versatility in the natural community never ceases to amaze me. Here is a list of a few naturalistas I follow on social media on a daily. Now these naturalistas aren’t just well versed in hair, but also in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. They have also helped me learn to love and appreciate my hair, as well as become the naturalista that I am today. Hopefully, they can help you too.

Taren Guy

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Taren Guy is the creator of the Luv and Learn Your Hair tours. She hosts discussions on natural hair health and social issues within the community to live audiences reaching hundreds of people per city. She not only is a natural hair activist, but the first curly girl I started proactively watching on Youtube and following.







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The GlamTwinz, also known as Kelsey and Kendra Murrell are two southern belles who have a knack for hair. Aveda Institute Atlanta graduates, these girls are licensed cosmetologists who have an amazing sense for fashion and makeup. Beware, their personalities and videos are addicting. Their videos are my favorite to watch by far.

Youtube: GlamTwinz334

Facebook: GlamTwinz334

Twitter: @GlamTwinKels1 & @GlamTwinKen2

Instagram: @GlamTwinKels1 & @GlamTwinKen2



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Miss Naptural85, a.k.a. Whitney, has gone from TWA (teeny weeny afro) to a bodacious head of beautiful long hair, and her journey is recorded on her Youtube channel for all to see. She’s tackled any and every type of hairstyle you could think of. She’s constantly trying new things with her hair, which is what I love about her.

Youtube: Naptural85

Facebook: Naptural85

Twitter: @Nap85

Instagram: @Naptural85



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This upbeat and bubbly naturalista is known for her frugal fashion (but in a good way). Jenny or Bargain Princess is known for her realistic reviews on hair and makeup products for the everyday person. She’s also a gal who embraces the big, frizzy hair that a lot of naturals have a hard time accepting.

Youtube: BargainPrincess

Facebook: BargainPrincess

Twitter: @BargainPrincess

Instagram: @xoBargainPrincess


Curly Casey

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Casey “Curly Casey” Chatman is a travelling curly girl who documents her day-to-day hair journey via Instagram for all to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ over. While her hair texture might convey otherwise, this girl is not afraid to switch it up and rock a wash-n-go, twist out, braid out, side part, middle part, long hair, or ‘fro.

Youtube: ItsCurlyCasey

Twitter: @WhoDatBlasian

Instagram: @Curly_Casey ; @CaseyChatman



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Just like Naptural85, Jessica “MahoganyCurls” Lewis has shared her natural hair journey online through Youtube. Also a southern girl, she lets viewers in on how low manipulation, and sometimes low heat can lead to glamorous long locs.

Youtube: MahoganyCurls

Facebook: Mahogany Curls

Twitter: @MahoganyCurls

Instagram: @MahoganyCurls



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Jessica Marie “HeyGorJess” Franklin is the founder of, and a recent graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Not only does Jessica cover hair, but  she also ventures into beauty and health for overall body wellness. She’s even done a feature on fellow naturalista, Curly Casey.

Youtube: HeyGorJess

Facebook: HeyGorJess

Twitter: @HeyGorJess

Instagram: @HeyGorJess


Mini Marley

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Breanna, a.k.a. Mini Marley is an NYC college student who is just starting to receive some recognition in the natural hair community. With her quirky attitude and luscious locs, she intrigues viewers by letting them in on how she changes her hairstyles, and shows her own take on oldie, but goodie styles like a wash-n-go. I’ve even tried her two bun hairstyle!

Youtube: Mini Marley

Twitter: @Mini_Marley

Instagram: @Mini_Marley



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