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Curl Talk with Scünci + CurlyInCollege - @CurlyInCollege

Scünci is dedicated to making hair products for all women, with all hair types, including natural hair! They want every woman to feel confident with their hair and beauty!

At CurlyInCollege we love Scünci because they created the perfect hair elastic for our go-to campus style, the Afro Puff! A full sized package of their “No Damage, Extra Long Elastics” will be included in our very first CurlyInCollege Survival Kit!

Scünci’s goal is to empower women! They aim to create and embrace whatever makes them feel beautiful. We love their tagline — “ü got this” which is meant as a positive motto for women to strive for everyday.



Scünci prides itself on making affordable products. They partner with retailers from all segments to make sure products are as affordable as possible! If you’re on the go, a scrunchie is your must-have hair accessory. It’s the perfect way to style your hair during the day in a ponytail, puff or bun and it’s the best way to pull your hair up while you sleep for dent-free hair!


You can follow Scünci on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.