Battle of the Blenders

There is an ongoing talk about what is a better blending product to use for makeup.  We all probably know what is more popular (Beauty Blender), it is even a six times “Best of Beauty” award winning makeup product!  

However, we also know that the Beauty Blender is roughly twenty dollars each!  With all the hype, who wouldn’t choose the magical Beauty Blender?  

Then, we have an affordable product that is $7.99 and that my friends is the wonderful Real Techniques Sponge.

Which one do I use and why?

Well, to be one hundred percent honest, I am proud to say that I am a Real Techniques user!  I am going to list some reasons why!

Numero uno:  It is affordable Duhhh!

Number two: It is very easy to find! I do not have to go to a specific store to purchase it. I can easily pick up a few if I just so happen to be in a drugstore like CVS and Rite Aid or I could purchase them at any makeup store like ULTA or Sephora!

Number three: The shape of the sponge is very convenient when blending in my foundation and concealer.  It has a round egg shape and it also has a flat edge to it. I use the flat edge to blend in my concealer under my eyes.  

Number Four: The texture of the sponge is amazing. It is made from a revolutionary foam technology (I don’t know exactly what that is but it feels great and blends magically).

In conclusion, my preference is the Real Techniques sponge.  However both products are great to use for such an important technique in makeup.  


What is your favorite sponge to use when blending your makeup?


Photo courtesy of Real Techniques



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