What is Most Attractive About Natural Males /Females?

I recently did  a small survey on both, males and females around my campus. If many of you do not know, I attend a HBCU (Historically Black College/University), and my school is presented to be very rooted and rich in culture. With the question that I asked, you would not believe the responses that I received! […]

Meet The Interns: Kiana Ward

Hello! I am Kiana Ward, a current student at North Carolina A&T State University and I am expected to graduate in the year of 2018. I went natural January 2nd, 2014, and I big chopped. My deciding factor on going natural was that I just wanted healthier and more even textured hair. I had grown tired of the straight […]

Real Talk: Relationships, Sex, and Reputation

We are all so pumped, excited and ready to embark our new journey entering college. We come in full of expectations that may go unmet, a mind unopened to things that we’ve never faced, and a stranger to so many new personalities. Everyone that you meet will not come from the same walks of life as yourself. […]