Author: Chloe Pearson

Chloe Pearson is a Proud Pirate of East Carolina University, currently a sophomore duel majoring in Urban & Regional Planning and African American Studies. Loves playing with her bulldog, Mikey, and hanging with friends.


By now many of us have heard about the recent events unfolding on the campus of the University of Missouri.  The racial injustice, protests, resignations, and now a movement across college campuses.  So to get to the present we must look at the past. The population of Mizzou is predominately white institution (PWI) with about 79% […]

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Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

Soon most of us will be waving goodbye to the hot summer days and care free nights. Now we have to get ready to go back to school and start thinking about that Thanksgiving turkey (or at least that is what I will be thinking about)!  Summer break is a time of reflection and that […]

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The “Haitian Problem”

Every year most households participate in spring cleaning, getting rid of the trash and making sure everything is spotless and to their liking.  Well the Dominican Republic decided it was time to get rid of the Haitians and do some ‘spring cleaning’ of its own.  In September of 2013, the highest court of the Dominican Republic […]

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Hero Bree

Brittany ‘Bree’ Newsome, is a 30 year old activist, who scaled the flagpole in front of the South Carolina Statehouse and removed the confederate flag. This event occurred on Saturday June 27. It comes 10 days after the shooting of the 9 churchgoers at Charleston’s historically black church, Emanuel AME Church. Much concern about the […]

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Love Won on June 26th

The subject of who can love who or who is allowed to love who has alway been an issue in our society. Are blacks allowed to marry whites? Are men allowed to marry men? and Are women allowed to marry women? Stipulations on love and relationships are written in our constitution. On Friday June 26 […]

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The Makings Of A Perfect Wash Day

Wash Day, we all have to do it but seriously does it have to consume our day?  We wash, finger detangle, rinse, condition, comb through, rinse, and finally apply product. Sound familiar? Whether you pre-poo or dive right into washing your hair; or you have short hair or long hair. Wash day can literally take over […]

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Resurrected Violence in Charleston

June 17,2015 is a day that most people will never forget and we now know as the historic Emanuel AME Church shooting, that killed 9 people.  A gunman, Dylan Roof, opened fire on a prayer fellowship around 8:00pm.  Oddly enough June 17, 1822 was the day that made this church so historic.  Nearly 200 years ago […]

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Meet The Interns: Chloe Pearson

Name, College, and graduation year My name is Chloe Pearson I attend East Carolina University with a graduation date of 2018. When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition? I have been natural my whole life but about five years ago decided to embrace my curls. What was the one deciding factor […]

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