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About Us | @CurlyInCollege

About Us

Hey There! 

I’m Ashley G. Scott. The founder of CurlyInCollege. We’re a lifestyle brand and online community that supports and celebrates students who are bold enough to navigate a life with curls on campus.

How do we do this?

  • We publish your stories on our blog.
  • We select natural hair brand ambassadors.
  • We hire you, and develop your leadership skills through our internships.
  • We connect you to other members of this global natural hair community through our events and social networks.

**  NEW! * *

The Backstory…

My dream for this brand, CurlyInCollege, started brewing my junior year as a first-generation college student at Purdue University.

Like many, I had a traumatic transition back to my natural state because of a mistake my stylist made with an unsolicited chemical process. As a result, I experienced the glory of the BC (big chop). The shock that came from seeing myself practically hairless caused me to frantically search the internet for advice on how to manage my new look in a foreign place. Although I found maintenance and styling tips, it lacked the specific voice and perspective of a college student.

At the time, it was hard to find someone who spoke to what it was like maintaining natural hair with limited access to products, transportation, money, time – and very few addressed the reality of existing with natural hair on a college campus where you had to go to class, live in dorm rooms, look “professional” at your first job interview, the list goes on…

A few years after graduation, while working full-time in a college town, I continued to encounter young men and women who felt alone in their natural hair journey. I was disappointed to learn that nothing had changed in the landscape since my own BC. So it was then, in June of 2014, that I decided to fill that gap and support students living with natural hair all across the globe.

That was the summer that CurlyInCollege©  was born.

Since then we have grown tremendously. We have also gotten to know many of you who share our commitment to supporting and empowering students who are bold enough to rock their natural hair on campus.

I use “we” because I haven’t done it alone.

I haven’t written one real blog post – your fellow college students did all of that (check out their bio’s at the bottom of each article).

I haven’t started one campus chapter – your fellow students are doing that too. Why? Because they know that together, our natural hair journeys become easier when we have a physical community to pull support from.

As the founder of CurlyInCollege, I am nothing more than your biggest cheerleader.

I celebrate you daily. I blaze trails in my own career and highlight the journey of other natural rockstars who are #CurlyAfterCollege so that you know you’re not alone.

Others have been where you’re going, and have done what you want to do. I work hard to be my best self so that you are inspired to blaze trails too.

Basically, CurlyInCollege isn’t about me. It’s about all of us.

When we work together, we are better. That fact holds true in almost every situation life sends my way. I want you to benefit from joining this community before you go to college, while you are there, and remember to give back after you graduate. With all of us out here killin’ it there is no need for anyone to struggle on any campus or at any high school in isolation!

So now what? I want to personally invite you to connect with us…

  • Do you want to be a contributor?
    • Submit your blog post ideas to ashley@curlyincollege.com.
  • Are you a servant leader that wants to be the ultimate natural hair ambassador on your campus?
  • Do you want a fun professional internship experience?
    • We announce open positions at the end of every Fall/Spring/Summer semester. Read an example of our available roles here.
  • Do you want to hang out with members of our community?

I’m going to leave you with my own personal mission statement…

I’m a connector. I’ve been put on this earth to uplift my community and connect youth, women, and people of color to individuals, products, services, and events that will enhance their quality of life.

It is my desire, that every experience you have with us leaves you feeling empowered.

We work hard to share information that makes life easier for students who are bold enough to rock natural hair in a challenging world.

That means CurlyInCollege is your very own safe space. Come to us and share your fears, your concerns and especially your goals and dreams.

Remember, together we can overcome and achieve absolutely anything.


Founder, CurlyInCollege.com