Who Runs The World? College Students

A lot of times when people get recognition in the media, they’re extremely famous or rich. I noticed that there are some PHENOMENAL young leaders about to tackle the American workforce and they need recognition as well!


Photo Source: http://www.ncat.edu/news/news-archive/2013/04/goldwater-scholar.html
Photo Source: http://www.ncat.edu/news/news-archive/2013/04/goldwater-scholar.html

Nadine Jansen

” The first N.C. A&T student to ever win the Barry Goldwater Scholarship,  (Nadine) Jansen, a junior mathematics student, proved that success is not measured in the number of years a person has been alive; success happens when “you have the drive, will and need for it.”

“You have to want it, you have to want to push yourself, want to do better, want to be the best you know you can be,” she explains.

Anna Whiteside, scholarship coordinator in the University Honors Program said that the Barry Goldwater Scholarship application “is an intensive application.” Jansen was required to answer a loaded questionnaire and submit a two-page research essay.

Jansen wrote her application essay on the mathematical research she conducted during a summer program at the University of Maryland–College Park in combinatorics.  Combinatorics is a field of math that investigates “different ways to count items,” the student explained.”

“The Stoneville, N.C., native boasts a cumulative grade point average of 3.96. Jansen has always excelled in academics; she even skipped the seventh grade.

“I don’t know what it is,” she exclaimed “I think I just have a good memory!” She thoughtfully credits great time-management skills for her success. In the near future, Jansen plans to apply for the Fulbright Student Award to continue her love of research abroad. After that, she intends on getting a master’s degree and then going after the prestigious American Rhodes Scholarship.” To read more about Jansen, read the original article here: Goldwater Scholarship Winner

cdep  Moriah.CDEP_  cdep1

Scholarship Recipients:

Jordan Ray , Moriah Banks, Kyra Eady, Mercy Grace Browder, Rocio Castillo, and Wesley Collins (not shown).

“After all, Fort Valley State University’s Cooperative Developmental Energy Program, or CDEP, scholarship is anything but a run-of-the-mill student award. Six minority and female students from across the nation received Monday a total of $300,000 that will cover tuition and fees over five years of college. Students will receive dual degrees — one from FVSU and another from a different university — in the science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, fields. Local recipients included Eady, of Bonaire, and Jordan Ray, a Houston County High School senior from Warner Robins.

“The United States, as a nation, is under-represented in STEM, but under representation in minorities and women is acute,” said Isaac Crumbly, founder and director of CDEP. Students begin their studies at FVSU, where they receive the first of two degrees, and end at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Texas-Austin, the University of Texas-Pan American, Pennsylvania State University or the University of Arkansas. Their degrees range from chemistry and engineering, to biology and health physics. On Monday, officials also recognized four FVSU students who are transferring to Georgia Tech, seven who are going to Arkansas and two who are transferring to Penn State. In addition to Eady and Ray, this year’s recipients included Moriah Banks of Mount Holly, N.C.; Mercy Grace Browder of Albany; Rocio Castillo of Anchorage, Alaska, and Wesley Collins of Glenn Dale, Md.”” To read more about this scholarship, read the original article here : FVSU CDEP Scholarship – Although I chose to attend North Carolina A&T State University, I was one of the ‘awardees’ of this prestigious scholarship. Dr. Crumbly, Dr. Jackie Hodges, Dr. Aditya Karr, Ms. Rasheedi and Ms. Patrice (and other CDEP MSEA staff I didn’t mention) are truly amazing people.




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