Meet The Interns: Tatyanna Hunter

My name is Tatyanna Hunter. I attend Hood College and will be finished in December 2015, and will officially graduate in May 2016.

When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition?

I went natural in March of 2014. I did the big chop!

What was the one deciding factor that made you go natural?

The deciding factor that made me go natural was when my hair broke off when I got a perm. My hair was growing long and healthy with perms for years, but early in 2014 my hair broke off and I was devastated because I lost so much length. From there, I started seeing more natural celebrities and natural women on social media and I decided that I wanted to become a natural sister as well.

How has your perception about yourself, and others, changed since you’ve been natural?

My perception about myself and other have changed since I’ve been natural because I see more confidence in myself and other women when they have natural hair. When I see women with natural hair I see that they have a sense of pride in their natural beauty and that is awesome.

Have people approached or treated you differently with natural hair?

People have approached me differently because I actually get more compliments on my natural hair than I ever had when I was getting perms regularly. A lot of women come up to me and call me “sister” or “natural sister” and I think that it’s cool that wearing my hair naturally kind of opened me up to a new sisterhood and community.

What is your favorite part of your hair routine?

My favorite part of my hair routine is wash day! I love washing my hair because it feels so great and soft. I love seeing my shrinkage and seeing how my hair looks naturally right after I finish washing it. It’s a long process, but also a very fun and relaxing process as well.

What are your top 3 must have hair products?

My top three must have hair products are all Shea moisture products because its my favorite brand. From the Leave in Conditioner to the Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the Curl and Shine Conditioner.

What are your top 3 favorite hair tools?

My top three must have hair tools are bobby pins, satin bonnet, and my deep conditioning cap.

Who is your current #MCM and #WCW?

Aside from my lovely boyfriend, Shawn, my #MCM is Shia LaBeouf and Youtube star Jacksepticeye. My #WCW has to be my favorite singer/celeb Ariana Grande and the amazing fashionista Stacy London.

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CurlyInCollege© Summer Internships – 2015

CurlyInCollege© Virtual Summer Internship Opportunities – 2015

Deadline to Apply: June 5th, 2015


Duration of Internship: June 8th – August 8th, 2015

Click HERE to get on our mailing list.


CurlyInCollege© invites enthusiastic students to join a talented team of global ambassadors that will build the fast-growing digital publication:

CurlyInCollege© is a resource that celebrates students who are bold enough to navigate a life with curls on campus.

Applicants can be male or female but must be at least 16 years old. They should also be avid readers of natural hair blogs, books, video blogs, and will likely consider themselves “product junkies” and/or “trendsetters” in their high school or college community. Having personal experience transitioning to and/or maintaining natural hair is a plus.

Positions Available and Requirements Listed Below:

Bloggers (Multiple Positions Available)  

  • Submit weekly blog posts that will be featured on the blog and associated social media platforms
  • Participate in bi-weekly team update conference calls
  • Require excellent photography skills and a good eye for outstanding images
  • Confident writing skills
  • A strong sense of style and an interest in entrepreneurship or tech startups
  • Reliable computer and high speed internet connection
  • Access to a good quality digital camera/lense/tripod (preferably DSLR)
  • Photoshop experience, or experience with similar photo editing software a plus
  • Large social media following

Social Media Ambassadors (2 Positions Available)

  • Promote CiC’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube pages
  • Develop strategies to meet growth metrics by given deadlines
  • Implement social media plan consistently
  • Maintain high engagement numbers
  • Requires a good eye for outstanding images
  • Reliable computer and high speed internet connection
  • Outgoing and works well with others
  • Strong communicationskills and willingness to work remotely

Web Development Intern (One Position Available)

  • Provide website maintenance and support
  • Experienced building and managing sites with wordpress backend
  • Experience with SEO and Google Analytics a plus

Event Management Intern (One Position Available)

  • Assist founder with planning and execution of on campus events
  • Ability to meet desired goals under budget
  • Work with team to coordinate staffing and volunteer requirements
  • Prepare logistics for all vendors
  • Possible day of management
  • Manage post event evaluations
  • Oversee event marketing and promotion
  • Other duties as assigned by founder

Other Skills Required for All Positions:

  • Experience with WordPress or other blogging platforms (include links to personal blogs or guest posts)
  • Proficient with Google Apps and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Video editing experience is a plus, but not required (include links)
  • Positive online reputation as documented by applicants social media/blogging behaviors
  • Proven ability to function efficiently on a team and rally campus/school support for a specific cause (explain in cover letter)
  • Experienced bloggers with published posts on existing sites are encouraged to apply (include links)
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to self edit blog posts
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly

Fun Perks for Curly In College Interns:

  • review new products
  • free CurlyInCollege© branded merchandise
  • free passes to natural hair shows
  • heightened credibility as a result of having been featured on a prominent blog

* This posting advertises unpaid, part-time, summer internship opportunities. Perks vary by position *

As a result, those currently employed or interning elsewhere are still encouraged to apply – These internships will only require an estimated 5-10 hours per week and work will be done remotely (not in person).


Curly In College Summer 2015 Internship Opportunities

Deadline to Apply: June 5th, 2015


Duration of Internship: June 8th – Augst 8th, 2015

Questions? Contact

*please make sure your question hasn’t been answered above*

Just want more info? Click HERE to get on our mailing list.

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Meet The Interns: Hana Ford

My name is Hana Ford. I attend Temple University and I am apart of the class of 2018. I went natural June 29, 2012, so I have been apart of the natural hair community for approximately two and a half years. I was attempting to transition however I simply did not have the patience so I just decided to do the big chop.

The main thing that made go natural was the overall health of my hair. I was starting to experience lots of breakage and I tried everything to fix the problem, but I just was not successful in doing so. Every since I cut my hair I have become so confident in myself and I have started to value myself for the queen that I truly am. I think other people definitely perceive me as a much more confident and outgoing individual since I went natural.

Since I have cut my hair I think people have subconsciously placed me in a group with all the other women and girls who have natural hair. I have much love for the natural hair community, but I have an identity outside of my hair and each person with natural hair is different in their very own way.

My favorite part of my hair routine is styling my hair because there’s always numerous options. My top 3 hair products would have to be coconut oil, Cantu Leave In Conditioner, and Organix’s extra penetrating Argan oil. My top 3 favorite tools are my fingers of course, a Denman brush for detangling, and a wide tooth comb so I can pick out my fro from time to time.

My current #WCW is the model Wakeema Hollis. She’s absolutely stunning and she rocks her natural hair in photo shoots which I absolutely love. My #MCM would have to be Pharrell because he is both timeless and ageless and he’s an icon in the music industry.


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