Major Keys to Success #2: Having a Close-Knit Support System

Support comes in various ways, but the sincerity of that support is most important. Sincere support only comes from a genuine supporter.  Who is a genuine supporter? Someone who knows and understands your goals and aspirations, wants you to achieve them just as much as you do and is willing to do all they possibly can to help you in doing so.

In speaking of a close-knit support system, we are going to look at two classes of individuals who play key roles in our individual lives: family and friends. Your support system should definitely consist of both these groups. It is expected that our greatest support comes from our family, our parents. Those who have watched us grow from the diaper stage to the adult stage. Parents and family have our best interest at heart.

However, when it comes to pursuing a career that maybe no one in your family has ever pursued, this becomes something new for everyone. It can become a little hard trying to make your family understand why you must do certain things instead of coming home on holidays and spending more time with them, but it’s the little things they do that matter. Their support now becomes always being within reach when you may want to speak to them, need advice or maybe you just want to talk.  Maybe even just bringing you home cooked meals because they know you have long nights and not enough time to cook for yourself. While they still believe in you and in your aspirations, their inability to fully comprehend the struggle you are currently faced with channels their support to be a genuine act of love, which is very important.

Friends on the other hand, see it all. They are with you on a day to day basis and are possibly enduring the struggle with you as well. Unfortunately, not everyone who says they’re a friend is truly a friend and I’m sure we are all aware of this. There comes a point when you will have to pick and choose wisely who you want to be your friend; many of us have already reached this point or are quickly approaching it. At an early stage in life many of us had more than 20 friends, but as you progress and embark on your journey to success, you will find that that number drastically decreases.

I can honestly say that I have no more than 8 friends at this point in my life and I am certain that as I continue my journey, the number will more than likely drop to about 5 or 4. I’m not saying that those other people are not good or not worthy of being my friends, it’s a matter of who can help me on this journey that I have chosen to take? That’s something you have to ask yourself.

Your support system should consist of individuals that you know without a doubt will put you in check when needed. Individuals who can pull you up when you fall. Individuals you can fall back on and know that they’ve got you no matter what time or hour of the day. Individuals who have something to offer you, something to teach you. Individuals you can growth with.

These pictures I’ve shared are some of my very close friends. Two of these girls have been with me all the way from high school and our bond is one that can never be broken. We have seen each other at some of our worst times and we have tirelessly supported one another through everything. They know how badly I want to achieve my dreams and they want it for me as bad as I want it for myself and vice versa. The other two young ladies I was so blessed to have met my freshman year in college and I couldn’t have asked for more genuine and supportive individuals to call friends, but even more sisters. And you know, friends that slay together stay together, haha !

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Valentine’s Date Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you prefer experiences over the traditional giving of gifts. Experiences create lifelong memories that can’t be replaced; while gifts can be lost, thrown away, or even taken back. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for those who just want each other’s time and presence.


Netflix & Chill– Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be an expensive night out on the town. There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody. This Valentine’s Day order lots of pizza and binge watch Netflix with your special someone. I mean really, what better way to spend the day than with bae chowing down pizza? And if you want to be a little more romantic, get a bottle of wine and light some candles to set the mood.



Weekend BAEcation– Hey! Let’s get away! Let’s get a room on the other side of town! Choose a place of your choice and hit the road with that special someone. Escape the hectic life at home and explore a different place together. Take it from me ladies, a weekend alone with your man will be unforgettable.

Untitled3.jpgRomantic Wine & Dine– Got a little money to spend this year? Treat your loved one to a romantic evening they’ll never forget. Usually nicer hotels have a special couples package that includes an upscale room with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Order room service then hang that “do not disturb” sign on the door. After dinner invite your loved one to a midnight bubble bath soak. Turn down the lights and light soft-scented candles to set the perfect mood.



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Real Talk: Relationships, Sex, and Reputation

We are all so pumped, excited and ready to embark our new journey entering college. We come in full of expectations that may go unmet, a mind unopened to things that we’ve never faced, and a stranger to so many new personalities. Everyone that you meet will not come from the same walks of life as yourself.

So real talk, coming in as a teenage girl our minds are naturally engaged to the variety of the men around us. Let me just remind you that everything that looks appealing, may not be good for you. Every guy does not have your best interest in mind…even if he claims otherwise. Sex is a big deal in college. For many guys, that is all that they really want…or nothing at all. Good relationships are rare, and commitment is scarce. It is really difficult to build a relationship with someone within a semester when you’re meeting so many new faces each and every day. I will not say that it is impossible, but it is certainly unlikely. It is up to you to distinguish that in the guy that you are dealing with, as it is extremely important.

Body count, a term created in reference to the number of partners you have had, can make or break you. It is not logical to sexually encounter every guy you meet, so, when your body count begins to peak, your reputation begins to decline. You have to be mindful of the fact that what people think of you, sometimes matters more than you may want it to. You would never want information regarding your one-night stand getting back to someone who has any form of authority over you. Also, a misrepresentation of you can easily become the representation of who you are. You have now become that person, whether it is who you really are, or not.

It’s all about branding yourself, how people perceive you, and you have to be mindful of that. Your reputation is something that you should value, because it can and it will affect the legacy that you leave behind. Carry yourself accordingly. Don’t focus too much on building relationships with these guys that don’t want anything more than sex, and build more with those wanting to impact your life positively. Be mindful of the legacy that you want to leave behind, and maintain reputation that compliments your interest and what best represents who you are.

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