How to Stay in Shape Through College


We all know how busy our college schedules can get, and how absent-minded that can leave some of us. In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, a lot of college students tend to either pick up or make the first and quickest thing that comes to mind (Ramen for most), eat really late, or not at all. And the next thing you know, you’re out of breath after taking that small flight of stairs on campus! Continue reading How to Stay in Shape Through College

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How To Stay Fit Through The Holidays!

We all love the holidays. The weather, seeing all of your distant relatives, and the food. We all looove the food. But what we don’t love is the weight we gain from eating all that delicious holiday food. Losing weight or trying to stay the same size is tremendously hard during the holiday season. On average holiday weight gain is 1 pound. Although, it’s just 1 pound studies found that the extra pound doesn’t go away. No worries though here are 5 helpful tips that will keep you staying slim while stuffing your face.

1. Walk More: Walk a little further than you normally do in your routine. Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn extra weight. 20 minutes of walking can burn over 100-150 calories, equal to a cookie or soda in calories. Walking in the mall is also a great way to lose those extra pounds. So get out there and Black Friday shop! You’ll thank yourself later!

2. Drink water: Water is naturally going to help you avoid eating as much because it fills you up. Try drinking a large glass of water 20-30 minutes prior to having a big plate of food. Most people confuse hunger with dehydration but, if you drink a glass of water that will often take care of the food hunger. Drinking more water is NOT skipping a meal! Just a good way to work through temptation.

3. Dance to your favorite holiday music: Dancing can burn more than 200 calories in just 30 minutes! For a more energetic dance workout find some holiday songs that make you us your arms. Even get you family involved with dancing, you’ll lose those pounds in no time.

4. Watching What You Eat: Fill your plate with lean meats (turkey, ham, lamb, etc.) and freshly cooked vegetables (green beans instead of green bean casserole). Pick two of your “cheat foods” and put half that on your plate. Vow NOT to go back for seconds! Save the best for last. Keeping fit doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in holiday goodies. Eat the salads, veggies and fruits first, you will less likely want to stuff your face sweets.

5. Be Consistent: Be Consistent! Don’t give up! You got this!

6. Stay Active: Some days you won’t be able to watch what you eat, or be able to exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the long way home instead of taking the shortcut. Go for a walk with friends if it’s nice out. Every little bit adds up to keep fit and keep the holiday pounds off.

The goal is to maintain you current weight and consider yourself a success if you make it to January without any extra pounds. Whatever your holiday tradition is make this years the year you don’t gain that extra weight. Make it a priority to stay active, eat smart but, still have fun with your family. You got this! Have faith in yourself! Happy Holidays.

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Working Out With Natural Hair

Between school work, extracurricular activities, working and having a social life, going to the gym can seem to be a tedious task and having to consider your hair can also make it pesky. As someone who avidly and likes to work out multiple times a week (I try for daily but no promises), I an assure you that working out and keeping your hair clean and healthy is not as difficult as it may seem. It’s taken me a while to figure out what works for me but figuring what works out for you and your hair is always a trial and error process. Here are some things that have proven to be successful for me in balancing hair and body health:

  1. Stay Organized: In order to incorporate gym trips into your weekly schedule, you will need to know how your week is going to run. If you have a planner, map out what you plan to do each day and see when and where you can fit in times to visit the gym. Once you have that set up you should consider your weekly hair routine and what hairstyles will last the best throughout your gym trips.
  2. Keep a Moisturizing Hair Mist: Your hair will be more prone to dryness due to your sweat so creating a DIY or buying a moisturizing spray is highly recommended. If you want to make your own spray, mixing water, your favorite hair oil and a cheap conditioner to mist your hair with after each workout will keep your hair hydrated and fresh.
  3. Tie Your Hair Back: A loose bun or ponytail or even braiding or twisting your hair back to keep it out of your face will prevent your hair from getting frizzy and tangled from your workouts. It will also stop you from playing with your hair or constantly brushing it aside which causes breakage. I personally like to keep my hair twisted back into a low ponytail because the style that I wear my hair in most of the time since it’s shorter now. When my hair was longer I would always go with a bun. Be sure to use ouch-less ponytail or satin ponytail holders!
  4. Hair Rinses: The most that I ever wash my hair, whether with shampoo or with conditioner, is once a week. If I find that my hair has gotten really dry or just needs to be completely refreshed after a workout, I will simply rinse my hair with nothing but water. This helps clear my hair of sweat and restores moisture into my curls. After a hair rinse, I usually style my hair in bantu knots or flat twists with a light conditioner and style my hair the next day.

All in all, your hair health shouldn’t take precedence over your overall health. Working out often has caused me to keep a simple hair regimen that doesn’t require a lot of time or products. Let me know which tips helped or what you found to be a better alternative!

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