Why You Should Be Using Rosewater On Your Hair

Every natural has a spray bottle containing some DIY moisturizing concoction perched somewhere in their room. Usually equal parts water, leave in, and oils, having a simple moisturizing spritz for your hair is just something you must do. Because of its moisturizing and healing properties, aloe vera juice or gel is often a frequent ingredient in DIY moisturizing sprays. Many naturals swear by aloe vera juice, but I never felt that it was benefiting my hair when I used it in my spray bottle mixtures. Because of the magical wonderland that is Pinterest, I stumbled across Rosewater which has been a great addition to my moisturizing spritz.

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Rosewater is an easily accessible super ingredient with many beneficial properties for hair and skin. I originally went on the search for a bottle of it because I read that it worked well as a light fragrance and morning refresher for the skin. I found an 8oz bottle of Heritage Store brand Rosewater at Vitamin Shoppe for $6. I started off spraying a little on my face in the morning or throughout the day, but after more research I found that Rosewater could work even better for my hair. Not only is Rosewater moisturizing, but it is also conditioning, antimicrobial, and stimulates blood circulation. After getting my hair braided, I mixed rosewater and castor oil in a spray bottle as a moisturizer and it worked amazingly for preventing my hair from feeling dry and brittle. I always go a little longer between washes while I have my hair braided, and the rosewater mixture was great at refreshing my hair and adding a light fragrance. Its antiseptic properties helped kill some of the germs and reduce product build-up that I had. Rosewater can also help reduce dandruff and stimulate hair growth by promoting blood circulation. Its like super water for your hair! There are various brands of rosewater that can be found online and in most health food stores. I encourage you to give it a try in one of its many uses and share your results with us.

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Below is the recipe for my Rosewater Moisturizing Spray. It’s great for braids and protective styles, as well as general everyday use.

Rosewater Moisturizing Cleansing Spray:

¼ cup Rosewater

1.5 Teaspoon of Glycerin

2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil (Or oil of your choice, I recommend a light oil)

Additional tap or distilled water as needed

Play around with the measurements and see what works best for you

Protective Hairstyles for Summer

There are two times of the year when natural hair seems to not know how to act (other than the regular, everyday struggle), and that is winter and summer. These two times of the year, many naturals find it helpful to switch, change, and try to new products to help their hair acclimate to the harsh weather changes. The winter brings dry hair because of the cold air. And summer brings frizzy hot messes because of the heat. It is a lose lose situation in these seasons if you do not have to right products or the patience to deal with your hair. I have worn my hair out in these two seasons, but I typically prefer to wear a protective style, just so I don’t have to deal with the craziness, that is my hair, during summer and winter.

Protective styles are just alternatives to wearing your natural hair, that are supposed to protect your hair underneath, and stimulate growth because of low manipulation. Personally, I like to get braids or twists, that’s just my style. In the summer I like twists or braids because they are low maintenance, and require little style effort, unlike weaves (This is my personal opinion). There are other types of protective styles, such as weaves and wigs.

Here are different types of protective styling that you can try this summer:

Kinky Twists

Photo Source
Photo Source

Kinky twists are usually the shortest of the twists. They can be done with kanekalon hair for your desired look. Also, to differentiate these twists from others, they usually are spiraled or curls at the ends as opposed to being straight.

Marley Twists

Photo Source: Brianna M.  Williams
Photo Source: Brianna M. Williams

Marley twists are one of the longest desired length twists because they are supposed to emulated dreadlocks. Marley twists are named after the famous reggae artist, Bob Marley. Marley twists are done with Marley braid hair, and are straight all the way down to the ends. They can be done in the invisible roots style method, which allows the twists to look like your actual hair.

Havana Twists

Photo Source
Photo Source

Havana twists are similar to Marley twists, as they are often grouped together. Havana twists are thicker in volume than Marley or kinky twists. They are usually medium length (in between kinky and Marley twists). They have a more effortless and carefree look. Even Solange has rocked havana twists!

Senegalese Twists

Photo Source
Photo Source

Senegalese twists are the thinnest in volume of all the twists. They can also be as long as Marley twists. Senegalese twists are done with kanekalon hair for a more sleek and polished look, and are straight all the way down to the ends.

Box Braids

Photo Source
Photo Source

Box braids are one of the oldest protective hairstyles in the book. They can be long or short, whatever length or volume one desires. Some people have even brought back the box braids, a la Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice.


Photo Source
Photo Source

Now, who didn’t get their hair cornrowed when they were a child? It’s a simple solution to a protective style if you don’t have the time to get one of these other styles, or if you want to be really low maintenance. You can cornrow your natural hair, or you can add hair for length.

Sew-in Weave

Photo Source
Photo Source

A weave is another protective style alternative. It gives you the chance to have a more versatile look, a little more fun. Weaves can be straight, wavy, curly, long or short.


Photo Source
Photo Source

Who said wigs can’t be natural? Just like weaves, they give you a different look to play around with. Wigs are the easiest to install if you do not want to wait hours to have your protective style done.


Tips For Maintaining Natural Hair While Wearing Braids Or Twists


Photo Source: http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lu216ekMqc1qb3zbpo1_500.jpg


This summer, plenty of naturals are giving up their weaves and extensions as protective styles, and are wearing braids. Not only are braids easy to manage and versatile, but they are trendy and unique to each individual’s preference. Although braids are an easy protective style, after enduring the long hours it takes installing them, your natural hair still needs to be taken care of. This article will give you tips on how to get braids and how to maintain your natural hair under braids.


A Tip When Getting Braids Or Twists


Make Sure Your Edges Aren’t Braided Too Tight

– A lot of us feel that when we get braids, our edges should be slicked into a braid and that the hair braider should braid up hair we didn’t even know we had! Not only is that painful, but it’s harmful to your hair. If you look at the braids along your hairline and see hair with little white bulbs at the roots, then your braids are too tight and you’re unintentionally pulling out your hair- causing you to not retain length and potentially setting yourself up for central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (which centers on the crown, or hairline, of the scalp and spreads along the edges).


Photo Source: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m02r5bVHmR1qjkq4lo1_500.jpg


Tips For Maintaining Natural Hair With Braids & Twists


Don’t Neglect, Just Modify, Your Hair Regimen

– Yes, being able to get in the pool, or going to the beach for a day, without having to worry about styling your hair the next day can be fun – and a relief- but don’t forget your regimen. A hair regimen is basically just a routine you follow when it comes to your hair. Some people’s regimens include detangling, conditioning, hot oil treatment, etc… Well when you have braids, you can’t particularly do everything you did to your hair in it’s natural state. Find out what’s best for you, and stick with it. Only you can determine what works for your hair and what doesn’t.

Photo Source: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/b0/9d/7e/b09d7e0b0f22aa6518316855306cafd2.jpg

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

– Seawater and Chlorine can dry your hair out. Salt, which is abundant in seawater, automatically dries out your hair. Sebum is a natural oil produced by the hair, and chlorine, commonly found in swimming pools, removes the sebum from your hair causing your hair to not be protected by natural oils, inevitably leading to split ends. Ways to tackle the negative effects of seawater and chlorine are to shampoo and deep condition your hair as often as you do when its in its natural state. For those of you who don’t use shampoo, practice the co wash method. As long as your hair is maintained, and moisturized, you will retain length and  experience hair growth while protective styling for the summer.


Eau de Curly Girl: Perfume For Your Hair

       Thanks to Andrea from one of my new favorite YouTube channels, AndreasChoice, I have recently been on a dedicated search for a hair perfume. I didn’t even know hair perfumes existed, but now that I do I most definitely cannot pass up the opportunity to have a fragrant fro. As of late my go to body scent is Bath & Body Works Amber Blush. I’m all about warm scents with hints of citrus and amber, so I want a hair scent that falls in line.
Selecting a hair perfume is a little different than selecting a body fragrance. For one, you definitely have to make sure the fragrance doesn’t clash with any of the hair products that you use. If you’re not, you could end up emitting an overwhelming or unpleasant scent. I have also been cautious of the ingredients that they may contain, aiming mainly to avoid alcohols, sulfates, and parabens. I want my hair to smell lovely, but not at the cost of dryness or extra build up. You can find various brands of hair perfumes at stores like Ulta and Sephora, as well as online. I have found that many popular perfume lines include a hair fragrance, including Angel by Thierry Muegler and Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I have yet to select the perfect scent, but below are a few options that us curly girls balling on a collegiate budget can afford.

UO Apothecary Hair Perfume (Urban Outfitters,$6.95)

(photo credit:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/24558760443310735/)
Photo Source

Urban Outfitters has a surprisingly dope selection of natural hair and body products. Their hair perfume is alcohol and cruelty free, plus its comes at an awesome price! It comes in various scents such as Red Currant and Woods & Turberose. You can purchase an 8oz bottle in Urban Outfitters stores or from their website.

Mane Teeze Hair Perfume Collection (Mane Teeze, $35)

(photo credit: http://www.maneteeze.com/#!product/prd1/453938661/hair-perfume-collection-3-x-50ml)
Photo Source

The women behind Mane Teeze offer a diverse collection of hair perfumes that come in three scents: Haute Mess, Black Widow, and Social Butterfly. The line is sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free and they claim that the fragrances are subtle enough not to conflict with your body fragrance.  They are sold individually in 50mL bottles for $35 or in a set of three for $85 on ManeTeeze.com.

Black Amber & Lavender Scented Hair Perfume (Sugamommy, $14.95)

(photo credit:https://www.etsy.com/listing/182866873/black-amber-lavender-scented-hair?ref=related-0)
Photo Source

Black Amber & Lavender scented anything is right up my alley, so I was excited to find Sugamommy hair perfumes on Etsy. There are various other scents and they are full of great ingredients such as Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Ecocert Beet Sugar Extract,  and Algae Extract. This line of perfumes is also awesome because they are custom made to order and you can add in various finishes including oil, hydrating mist, or shine.

No. 5 The Hair Mist (Chanel, $68)

(photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/24558760443275825)
Photo Source

This is definitely a splurge item, but I decided to include it because Chanel is such a classic fragrance, plus we should all treat ourselves every now and again. This hair fragrance comes highly recommended by various beauty bloggers and Oprah’s beauty team because it has a light but lasting scent, and its oil based and alcohol free. Chanel offers their hair mist in many of their other signature scents including Coco Mademoiselle and Chance. If I ever feel like embodying Marilyn Monroe, but with a fro, I’m sure I’ll reach for this.

Delicieux Hair Perfume (Yummi Hair Care, $10)

Photo Source

Yummi Hair Care’s Delicieux hair fragrances come in various scents including Pomegranate Daquiri and Raspberry Splash. They are filled with healthy ingredients such as grapeseed oil and silk amino acids. It’s reasonably priced and alcohol free. You can purchase a 4 oz bottle at the Yummi Hair Care Etsy store.

Werk It Out, Frizz It Out Playlist

Listening to music is a crucial part of working out nowadays. It sets the mood for the workout, and pushes you harder. Not being able to find the perfect playlist or songs for your workout is a thing of the past. There are tons of pre-made playlists on Spotify, or you can pick your own station on Pandora. I recommend the Beyoncé station, it’ll bring out your inner Sasha Fierce. Here are a few songs that I recommend adding to your playlist that will give our workout a little bit of an edge, and help you get in the zone.

Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) – Ariana Grande

Photo Source
Photo Source


She’s been dubbed the mini Mariah, but when Ariana sings, “I’ve got one less problem without you,” it’ll have you agreeing that you’ll have one less problem without that extra [insert trouble area here]. This song will give you the energy to keep going and put you in a good mood with the jazz vibrations and saxophone in the background.




Lemonade (feat. Tyga) – Danity Kane

Photo Source
Photo Source


They might be called “DK3” now, but Danity Kane is back and telling their haters to drink lemonade. And soon you’ll be telling your haters to wipe that sour look off their faces when they see how good you look from working out to this song. Like Tyga says, “Are you mad, my chick bad?” Lemonade will make you wanna get up and dance those pounds off.




Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) – Jason Derülo

Photo Source
Photo Source


No matter where you’re from, Jason Derülo wants you to talk dirty to him. And what better way to talk dirty to someone than to train dirty. Speak the language that the boys love. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl who can hold her own in the gym. Talk Dirty has the upbeat vibe that will allow you to go harder and train dirty.




My Girl (feat. Trevor Jackson) – Diggy

Photo Source
Photo Source


Little Diggy Simmons is all grown up, and he’s looking for his girl. But in case you haven’t seen his Instagram page lately, I’m pretty sure he’d love a girl who can workout with him in the gym – be his “swolemate.” My Girl has that smooth, easy on the ears sound that is perfect for your cool down. It’ll keep you on pace, yet relaxed, bringing your workout to an end.



Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) – Iggy Azalea

Photo Source
Photo Source


Now what female doesn’t wanna be fancy? Iggy Azalea will have you focused on being the fancy and fit girl inside of you. The hip-hop sound of Fancy will help you keep your eye on the prize while you’re in the gym. It’s so catchy that you’ll leave the gym singing it. Like Iggy said, “remember my name,” which people will from all the hard work you put in at the gym.



Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) – Jason Derülo

Photo Source
Photo Source


Yes, Jason Derülo is so good that he’s on this list twice; his songs are made for the gym. This time he gives words of reassurance when he says, “you know what to do with that big fat butt.” Of course you know what to do, do some squats! Wiggle will have you focused on gaining or maintaining the perfect lower backside which is most girls dream (especially since it’s bikini season). So get to it!

Should You Totally Ditch Shampoo?

Photo Source: http://blackgirllonghair.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/black_college_student.jpg


Constantly I hear the pros and cons of people raving about co-washing your hair vs. shampooing and conditioning your hair. In this article I will discuss the my point of view on co-washing your hair vs. shampooing your hair.

Why I Support Shampooing Natural Hair


  • Some people only wash their scalp with shampoo and allow the shampoo to clean the rest of their hair when they rinse their hair and the water/shampoo slides down the hair shaft.
  • Eventually you have to do do something to decrease product build up on your scalp whether you use shampoo or a cleanser.


Why I Support Co-Washing Natural Hair


  • Who doesn’t love the idea of constantly conditioning their hair?
  • With this method you may not experience that squeaky clean feeling you have after washing your hair with shampoo because the essential oils in your hair, produced by your sebaceous glands, didn’t get removed.
  • Might promote hair growth by increasing length retention.


People On YouTube That Only Use 1 Of The Methods Above & Their Results

iKnowlee: http://youtu.be/mMqJhV372mE

Jaleesa Moses: http://youtu.be/mMqJhV372mE

Alicia James: http://youtu.be/clONWsJIsS4

Yolanda Renee: http://youtu.be/JK5OmwDZMy0

Photo Source: http://blackgirllonghair.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/washinghair.png


Using the Co-Wash Method only or the 2 step process of using Shampoo and Conditioner, is completely your choice. Some people experience product build up quicker when using only cowash method and some people experience tangling and more knots when using shampoo. As long as you keep your hair’s moisture and protein levels balanced, choose whatever method suits you best.

Hairfinity Hype

Length. Length. Length. It’s one of the most coveted things in the natural hair community. There’s articles upon articles, and remedies upon remedies on “how to achieve long natural hair.” But the question is, do they really work? There is also the excitement over Biotin, which is a vitamin that has proven to be beneficial to promote hair health, and more importantly length. But, I’m sorry to say that Biotin is a pill of the past.

The natural hair community has moved on to hair vitamins that have been said to promote hair health, thickness, and length. Let’s see, there is Hairburst, formerly known as HairVits, and the oh so popular Hairfinity. Now Hairfinity is said to nourish your hair from the inside out. It’s the newest craze in not only the natural hair community, but the hair community in general. If you peruse their Instagram page, you’ll find women of all colors, textures, lengths, and backgrounds confessing their love for this product.

Photo Credit

Hairfinity not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. There are testimonies overflow on their website and their Instagram. But I think their greatest testimonies are in the celebrities and natural hair bloggers that have jumped on the bandwagon and proven its success. Just to name a few: Kendra & Kelsey Murrell (check out my article “Curly Qs: Natural Hair Bloggers & Gurus), Angela Simmons, Naturally Neiicey, Taren Guy, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Toya Carter Wright.

Now, with all this, how could one not fall into this trap and want to see what all the hype is about? Well, I fell, and I ended up on the Hairfinity journey. I started in January of this year, and I am currently on my sixth bottle. I started the Hairfinity journey with the hope of gaining length. So far, I’ve seen my hair increase in health, but also in thickness. My hair was already thick to begin with, but now it’s even thicker! I have also gotten way more compliments about my hair since taking the vitamins.

I’m hesitant to say that I have not received length because I have, but not as noticeable as I would have thought, or liked it to be. I also cannot say no because with my type 4 hair, shrinkage is real. But let this not discouraged you, I do believe Hairfinity does work. Patience is key. We all know natural hair can be a pain sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things.

Once I finish my seventh bottle, in celebration of not straightening my hair or using heat for seven months, I’ll straighten it to see how much growth I have gained. And then I will truly be able to see if I have gained the length I have been striving for.

So in conclusion:

  1. Hairfinity does work! But like anything else, it works different for different people
  2. Keep up with me and my Hairfinity journey! Follow me on Instagram: @MoneBrianna

So are you game to join the Hairfinity journey?



Photo Credit: http://keturahariel.tumblr.com/post/85663235288/1-15-hairfinity-digital-paintings-ive-been, http://mydreamisnear.tumblr.com/post/86319492783/embrace-your-journey-on-we-heart-it

How To: Curl Form Your Hair Using Curlformers



1. Wash & Condition Your Hair  

Photo Source: http://bit.ly/1jlZEAK




– If you don’t use shampoo, just practice the no poo method and co wash only. The objective is to get the hair as clean as possible without any products because you’ll apply products later in the process.







2. Detangle Your Hair


– Detangle your hair thoroughly to get all of the knots and tangles out that you can. The less knots and tangles in your hair, reduces hair breakage when you pull your hair through the curlformer later in the process.



3. Part Your Hair In Small Sections

Photo Source: http://bit.ly/1oh6JOX



The kinkier your hair ( I have 4a – 4c hair) the smaller your sections should be. The curlier your hair, sections can be bigger but don’t make your sections too big because if they are too big they won’t pull through the curlformer very well. When you part your hair into sections, twist the root just a little bit so the curlformer stick that comes with the curlformers can latch on to the twisted root of your hair. After latching the hair and stick together, pull your hair through the curlformer and you should have have a head full of curlformers when complete.


4. Anti-Frizz & Anti Humidity Products

Photo Source: http://bit.ly/1st17Fo




Use product on your hair that you normally use, although I wouldn’t use some hair gels because it might flake up and make the curls hard and limp. I suggest using a product that reduces frizz and protects the hair against humidity so that your hair doesn’t puff up as soon as you step outside.







5. Allowing The Curl To Set


Allow your curlformers to dry thoroughly under a hair dryer. If you don’t want to dry your hair under a dryer, sleep with the curlformers in your hair although it might be very uncomfortable. Sleeping with curlformers in your head might make you want to abandon your hairstyle throughout the night in trade for a good night’s rest.



6. After The Curlformer Dries 

Photo Source: http://bit.ly/TQD32Y


In the morning, slowly remove the curlformers and you should have big curls in the morning.



Curlformers come in different sizes and can be found at Sally’s, Ebay, Amazon, etc…

Photo Source: http://bit.ly/TQD86H



After trying out curlformers on myself, here are my results:


20140503_171043      20140503_171009    20140503_171024

– My hair became frizzy over time because initially I put no anti-frizz or humidity proof products in my hair and I didn’t let the Curlformers dry fully. Overall I like the results of the style, but it is time consuming.


If you decide to try Curlformers on your hair, share it with CurlyInCollege on Instagram under the hashtag #CurlyInCollege

And She Braids Too

High fashion powerhouse, Vogue, dropped an artful video featuring Lupita Nyong’o today, and just like every other time Queen Lupita does anything, the Internet went wild. This video didn’t feature Lupita performing a monologue or stunting on us with her fashion as usual, but it showed her engaging in one of her favorite hobbies: braiding hair. What can’t she do?!

In the short video titled “Braids,” Lupita tells us about how her aunt taught her to braid and twist, as she corn rows a friends hair on camera. All while looking fly, I might add. Her desire to learn the craft came from a disappointing visit to a braid shop in NYC while she was an undergraduate. Throughout the video she skillfully braids the hair of her six closest friends, and shares some of her views on braiding and hair with a subtle passion that is genuinely beautiful. In her eyes, braiding someone’s hair can be “intimate”. She saw it as her “side hustle” and a hobby that gave her the opportunity to connect with others. The short clip is a cute look into her life that adds to her enigmatic presence in pop culture, but also humanizes her, and makes her more relatable. As an African woman myself, it was great to see her doing something that so many women in my family do in their day to day lives. Hair braiding is a cultural symbol that is engrained in the community of black Americans and Africans throughout the Diaspora that has recently been co-opted by sources of high fashion media. As braids show up on runways and fashion spreads, they are becoming trendy, and people who are blind to elements of black culture have believed it to be a “new” hairstyle. In some ways this video helps take ownership back, all while embracing the art form of braiding and natural hair itself.

In cultures across the world, hair is a woman’s crowning glory. To me it’s a physical expression of oneself and identity. Natural hair, and the beauty of black women in general is often chastised and belittled in our society, and that’s one of the many reasons Lupita has been such a breath of fresh air. She is a different picture of “black womanhood”, and to many the physical manifestation of the black woman that is often forgotten in mainstream media. “Braids” is a simple but poignant embrace of the beauty of black hair, African culture, and Lupita herself. I loved it and I encourage you to watch it here!

photo credit: http://hiphollywood.com/2014/06/braided-up-lupita-nyongo-reveals-haircare-hobby/

Natural Hair Stylist: First Visit Tips

There comes a point in every natural’s journey where they must visit a salon. Some people choose a salon that offers Dominican Blowouts, some choose all natural salons that cater specifically to naturals, and some will only enter a salon just to get their ends trimmed. Whatever the reason may be, knowing what you want when you walk into the salon is key.
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