Hair Crush: Solange



Solange Knowles, nicknamed “Solo”, is solely a fashion, style, and hair icon aside from her sister, Beyoncé. Her quirky, fun loving spirit that matches her carefree hairstyles is what makes her the perfect hair crush. Whether she’s rocking her ‘fro, braids, havana twists, or natural wigs and weaves, she’s always sure to look bomb. Most started to truly notice Solange in 2009 when she big chopped…nothing was the same. From then on she’s retired the title, “Beyoncé’s little sister,” and we saw her in a new light. She’s bold, and hasn’t looked back since. Since her hair change, Solange’s music has also changed, reflecting a more electric and real Solo. I can’t help but think that her hair awakening influenced her music in a big way. If you’re ever afraid to rock a certain hairstyle, chances are Solange has already done it, so if you take anything away from this, don’t be afraid to switch it up.

Why we love Solange? We love Solange because of her versatility and carefree attitude.



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Brianna M. Williams is a student at American University. She is studying Print Journalism, with minors in Graphic Design and Marketing. Brianna is a naturalista who started her natural hair journey about 4 years ago, and doesn’t plan on going back. Dance Moms and E! News are her guilty pleasures. And she loves the feeling and smell of a new magazine, as much as she loves opening a new pair of shoes. Follow her on twitter @BriannaMone. Read her blog:

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