Confessions Of A Product Junkie

I don’t have to be a rocket scientist or see constant natural hair memes to realize I’m a product junkie. The photo above (featured image of the post) is a picture of some, I REPEAT SOME, products that I have. I have more than that, but I couldn’t carry all of that to the table LOL.

So, I’ve come up with a few questions for myself about the product addiction I have.

  1. Why do you buy so many products?
  2. How much have you spent on products so far?
  3. How often do you use your products?
  4. Do you have a favorite or your choice of favorites?


1. I have so many products because I’m also a shopping addict. I can’t go into a mall without buying something because I feel the need to always buy something! Every time I watch a hair commercial on TV or on YouTube, I want to try the product out and use it for myself, try it on my mom’s hair who is natural as well, or do a product review on it. Also, it seems like a lot to someone, but to me… each product has its own purpose.

2. Honestly, just on 5 bottles of Organix I’ve spent $26. So I know I’ve spent about $250 -$300 on the hair products shown in the picture. The beauty store in Charlotte that I go to, prices their products a little high.

3. Honestly, I only wear my natural hair out about half of the year because summer is CURL SEASON (to me at least lol) and because I enjoy wearing protective styles (wigs) more.

4. My favorite products are Aphogee 2 Minute Protein Reconstructor, Organix Kukui Shampoo, and Pantene Cowash.





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Moriah Banks, Intern for CurlyInCollege, is a college freshman at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She’s known for her involvement in her community, and her love for natural hair. In her spare time she travels the country and spends quality time with her loved ones. To see more of Moriah, follow her on Twitter and Instagram under the username moriahashleyy, or on her personal blog at

One thought on “Confessions Of A Product Junkie”

  1. Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m a product junkie LOL. I really know this struggle; I don’t think I could fit all of my products into one picture (I have about 8 in the shower alone). To answer your questions:

    1) I buy so many products because I want to try EVERYTHING! Product reviews are my favorite part of my blog, and I want to constantly try products that I can talk to people about.
    2) … A lot. There were days when I’d go back to back to the beauty supply store and spend $100 on different products that I probably used once.
    3) With an exception of a few staples, I’ve used the majority of my products once or twice. I’m trying to cut down on spending now LOL so I’m forcing myself to use what I have.
    4) I do have a few favorites: Shea Moisture, Queens of Curls, CinagrOrganic are among my favs

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Victoria Sallie

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