Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

Soon most of us will be waving goodbye to the hot summer days and care free nights. Now we have to get ready to go back to school and start thinking about that Thanksgiving turkey (or at least that is what I will be thinking about)!  Summer break is a time of reflection and that is just what we are going to do.

The summer of 2015 seemed so much different than others, and yes I used past tense.  Even though the summer is not officially over we need to get in the mind set that it is, if not when it actually is over we be overwhelmed.  We must prepare ourselves for the mental exhaustion and exploration of college.

Every summer there are those goals of losing weight, taking amazing Insta photos, traveling the world, and spending all the time you can with your friends before you have to hit the books in the fall.  But how many of us really truly ever achieve all of our summer expectations?  We want to do all these things and more but as most of us have realized there is not enough time and defiantly not enough money!  Not enough time to watch The Bachelorette season finale, see J. Cole in concert, or travel to Afro Punk!  Oh and I forgot to factor in that summer job that will occupy your time for probably 40 hours a week.  As teenagers and young adults we think it is possible to do everything, but as we see over and over again it is not.  This applies to college as well; we have the book reports, bio lab hours, math tutoring, computer assignments, and don’t forget about your friends, parties, campus events, eating, and going to class! Just thinking about this is tiring.

There are so many things that we didn’t get to do that looms over as we settle into this new fall semester.  But don’t get down because August and September are a new start where we can focus on new goals inside and outside the classroom.  Maybe you want a 4.0 your first semester or make a lot of new friends, but what ever it may be just know that there is alway next semester and another 3 years to achieve those goals.

Whether you are a freshman, returning student, or thinking about college just know that college is an amazing time.  This is the time where you finally get to find what you like and to figure out who you are.  There are no teachers telling you what to do and no parents to ground you, but this doesn’t mean to go crazy and slack off.  This is when you prove to yourself, your parents, and the doubters that you can make it on your own and be a responsible adult.  So out there, into the real world of college and find ur niche! And don’t forget while you are getting all those A’s … HAVE FUN!

If you could go back, what would you have done with just one extra hour each day over the summer? Maybe you would have watched one more episode of “A different world”on Netflix,  hung out with our friends for a hour longer, or took the oh so needed hour nap?


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Chloe Pearson

Chloe Pearson

Chloe Pearson is a Proud Pirate of East Carolina University, currently a sophomore duel majoring in Urban & Regional Planning and African American Studies. Loves playing with her bulldog, Mikey, and hanging with friends.

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