MTV Video Music Awards 2017 Rundown

The 2017 Video Music Awards were filled with compelling fashion, a strong political message, the expected nip-slip, and of course music!

When I watch an award show, I separate my experience into compartments. Afterall, there’s so much that happens at these shows. So I’m gonna break it down for you.

The Moments

The awards were hosted by the beautiful Katy Perry, who is no doubt making her come back. She descended into the VMAs wearing a full fledged “Moon Man” suit and rocking her blonde pixie cut.

Perry stated how with all of the crazy things going on in our world, music will bring us together. And that sentiment was a recurring theme throughout the night along with other messages such as self love, equality, and supporting one another.

Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson’s daughter) presented an award, but before she could give the honor she said, “We have zero tolerance for their violence, hatred, and discrimination” referring to white supremacists.

Alessia Cara performed her hit single “Scars to Your Beautiful”. She started off in a glamorous red dress, a black bob wig, and bold red lips. While she performed the song, she gradually removed layers of hair and makeup leaving herself with bare skin, natural curly hair and dressed in all black. I love the message of her performance because she was really vulnerable and showed young girls everywhere that it’s okay to just come as you are.

Later on Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid gave a powerful performance about the issue of mental health and suicide. They performed “1-800-274-8255” surrounded by tons of suicide attempt survivors on stage. The title of the song is the suicide hotline number which was projected all across the stage. After the performance, Logic gave a powerful speech on how important it is for us to fight for equality for everyone.

On a lighter note, the VMAs are not complete without a possible nip-slip. This year was courtesy of the “Bodak Yellow” queen, Cardi B. Cardi B was presenting a performer when the sleeve of her dress started slowly sliding down. Thankfully she realized what was going on and covered herself before it was too late. Good call Cardi B.

The Fashion

Kendrick Lamar. Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage
Lorde. Photo by Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images
Yara Shahidi. Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images
Cardi B. Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

The Music

Of course the VMAs are all about the music. Kendrick Lamar lit up the stage (literally) with a performance of “DNA” and “Humble”. Fifth Harmony started their performance with a diss to their former member Camila Cabello. Lorde decided to dance to her song instead of actually singing it. This was an interesting choice, but I personally think she should just stick to singing.

Some of the big awards that were given out were:
Best Pop Video – Fifth Harmony ft. Gucci Mane “Down”
Best Hip Hop Video – Kendrick Lamar “Humble”
Artist of the Year – Ed Sheeran
Video of the Year – Kendrick Lamar “Humble”
Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award – Pink

Pink performed a mashup of her greatest hits and it gave me so much life! She dedicated her award to her daughter letting her know that she is beautiful.

Overall, I think this year’s VMAs were actually really good. In the past, the award show has either been a hit or miss. This year had great performances, a great message, and an inspirational energy.


#FroDown powered by EDEN BodyWorks Florida A&M Edition

By: Teambria Clark

FroDwon powered by EDEN BodyWorks is well underway and headed to Florida A&M University. EDEN BodyWorks provides natural products that integrate wellness and beauty. Our Florida A&M president, Teambria Clark, shared her experience with her favorite EDEN BodyWorks products.


“My hair would go from popping curls, big and luscious to them looking flat and not looking how I want. I tried a ton of new products until I came across Eden BodyWorks. Man have these products been a lifesaver!

The Coconut Shea Curl Define Crème is my all-time favorite. I can wash my hair and apply some of the product and it’s a quick wash and go for me. I also love using the Coconut Shea Hair Oil and Coconut Shea Leave- In Conditioner. Although those are the only three I’ve tried and use most often, I was recently introduced to their skin line and I can’t wait to add more EDEN BodyWorks products to my list of favorite products!”


The Florida A&M Edition of FroDown powered by EDEN BodyWorks is Tuesday April 18th at 6pm. Be ready for giveaways, live hair demos, henna, and more! You can follow @curlyincollege and @famcurlyincollege for more details.

#FroDown powered by EDEN BodyWorks Fisk Edition

Written By: Jazzmine D. Brooks


Nat·u·ral-  /ˈnaCH(ə)rəl/ — existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.


Curly hair seems to be taken as a sign of rebellion when it’s simply the act of existing. Having your existence looked at as an act of resistance can sometimes get you down. CurlyInCollege brings life to the dead ends we face with our hair and society’s perception of naturally curly hair.

Fisk University is so excited to be hosting FroDown 2017 powered by EDEN BodyWorks on Saturday April 1st. FroDown is an event that gives curly men and women a safe space to be themselves and boldly embrace their natural hair.

This is an opportunity to learn some of what it means to be natural and see the love and community that comes from just having a mutual appreciation for natural hair. It’s expected to be a time of fun and information to inspire women who are already curly and future curlies to fall in love with the beauty nature gave us all.

These Fisk students are loving on their hair and you can too when you come to FroDown 2017 powered by EDEN BodyWorks!


“Being natural is learning how to love myself, giving myself a chance to be happy as I am.”

— Sadara Welch, Fisk University freshman


“Being natural is appreciating and loving your crown [despite] the prolonged conditioning that has caused so many of us to hate and mistreat our hair.”

— Mekka Abdullah, Fisk University sophomore


“Being natural is accepting myself as I am and the beauty God gave me. For a long time I hated my natural hair and now I’m able to embrace it.”

— Mickey IntVeld Sutherlin, Fisk University junior


FroDown is an event you don’t want to miss. Be there to get the tools you need to resist the societal norms of what makes “good hair.” Naturally curly hair is not an anomaly. It is beautiful.


FroDown 2017 powered by EDEN BodyWorks Fisk Edition will be held on Saturday, April 1st at 12pm.

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Are You Guilty of Hair Bias?

In 2016, Perception Institute conducted a study to observe the explicit and implicit biases towards natural hair textures. Perception Institute worked with a creative team at Shea Moisture and developed the first Hair IAT. The study included 4,163 participants: a national sample of 3,475 men and women, and a sample of 688 “naturalista” women from an online natural hair community.

photo via

“The study included the Good Hair Survey and the Hair IAT. The survey assessed women’s explicit attitudes toward black women’s hair, hair anxiety, and experiences related to their own hair, and the Hair IAT assessed implicit attitudes toward black women’s hair.”

Some of the results found from the Good Hair Survey were that “On average, white women show explicit bias toward black women’s textured hair” and “millennial naturalistas have more positive attitudes toward textured hair than all other women.” One of the results of the Hair IAT was “the majority of participants, regardless of race, show implicit bias against black women’s textured hair.”

According to the results of the survey and Hair IAT, they suggest that millennials and black women in a natural hair community show more positive feelings towards natural textured hair than those outside of that group.

Do you think you have a bias towards natural textured hair? Find out for yourself. You can take the Hair IAT here


Emory University holds course “The Power of Black Self-Love”

One of the many benefits of a college education is that it allows students the opportunity to search beyond their basic math and literature classes and explore topics they otherwise would not be exposed to.

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is offering a course that analyzes the importance of self-love for African Americans and the influence of societal pressures on just that. The course is called “The Power of Black Self-Love”. It is taught by Dr. Dianna M. Stewart and Dr. Donna Troka.

“The Power of Black Self-Love” includes teachings from two separate courses taught by the professors, “Black Love” (taught by Stewart) and “Resisting Racism: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter” (taught by Troka). Topics discussed in the course include the use of Black Twitter and black social movements.

As reported on, the students had to present final projects on a topic of their choice. Some used photography to tell their stories, others used video.



One student, by the name of River Bunkey, examined self-love in terms of black men. He touched on self-expression and how hair care is an important part of how black men exhibit self-love. Another student, Aiyanna Sanders used photography to showcase Black Girl Magic.


Headshots by Bobbye Hampton


African American students make up 9.1% of Emory’s undergraduate population. It is a wonder, with a campus population made up of a majority of White and Asian students, who is going to enroll in this class?

“It’d be hard to get non-black students to enroll in a class like this. There are a lot of people who still get really uncomfortable talking about race,” explained Emory graduate student Brianna McDaniels. “Despite this though, I think it’s important to reach out to the larger student population at Emory. A lot of people don’t understand what the Black Lives Matter movement is all about, and I think this course could help to address that.”

This past semester, the class had a population consisting of an Afro-Latina, a White student, a Central American, and the majority being black students, as reported by

Classes that step outside of the basic curriculum are necessary to help students look outside of themselves and look into the reality and experiences of others. Hopefully this course will continue to be offered on Emory’s campus and more and more students of diverse backgrounds will enroll.


You can see all of the student’s final projects here.

The CurlyInCollege Homecoming Tour powered by Shea Moisture

CurlyInCollege is so excited to be on our Homecoming Tour! We hit Florida A&M University last week and we’re headed to North Carolina A&T State University this week.

Tomorrow, we will be outside of the cafe at NCAT from 11am-3pm.

Shea Moisture has graciously powered this tour. That means every student that comes to visit our table will receive FREE Shea Moisture samples.

But that’s not all! Two students have a chance to win FULL SIZE Shea Moisture products.

We are looking forward to meeting all the students at NCAT this week as we strive to support students who are bold enough to navigate a life with curls on campus.

See you there!



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LaToya’s Natural Hair Journey

In November of 2013 I received my last relaxer. I did not realize it would be my last until a feeling of guilt came over me as my hair dresser applied the chemical to the very intriguing waves that had started springing out of my scalp. I felt bad for my natural roots. I felt like I was denying them or like I wasn’t giving them a chance.

As I sat in that chair I decided that it would be my last relaxer. I was going to give the “natural” thing I try. Mind you, before I made this decision, I was that girl that declared I would never go natural and would continue to use relaxers until they stopped manufacturing them.

My relaxed hair: Dec. 2013
My relaxed hair: Dec. 2013

I had a negative opinion of my natural hair because I didn’t like my hair when I was younger. I didn’t understand why it didn’t lay flat like the other girls in school. I guess I felt too different. I viewed my hair as ugly and not beautiful. When I was in 7th grade my mom allowed me to get a relaxer. I continued to relax my hair up until my sophomore year of college, November of 2013.

I decided that I would transition instead of doing the BIG CHOP. I wasn’t comfortable with having super short hair. My plan was to transition for two years but just after the one year mark, it became too difficult for me. I was wearing weaves or braids throughout the majority of my transition, but I became tired of that. I wanted to have my own hair out. I wanted to feel my own scalp.

So around the year and four months mark I tried to wear my hair out, but it just did not look right. My roots were super thick and my ends were pretty much see-through. It was not a cute look. So I decided when the semester came to an end, I would do my big chop, or transitioning chop, and I would finally be completely natural.

Leading up to the day, I was really excited but super nervous. I did not know how I was going to look with shorter hair. I had no idea what my hair texture would be, but I was determined to learn to love it.

In May of 2015, I invited some friends over and we had a Transitioning Chop Party! I ordered pizza and we played music. I think this was the best way for me to shake my nerves and to celebrate this turning point in my life.

Before big chop vs. after big chop
Before big chop vs. after big chop

And it turns out, I loved my hair! I was so surprised to see curls on my head. I had no idea that my hair was curly. It’s weird to think you’re 21 years old, and you are just discovering what your hair looks like.

That’s why I think this natural hair movement is so important. Although everyone has the right to wear their hair in a way that makes them feel beautiful and confident, I think it is important that we all learn to love and embrace the hair we were born with. There is only one you and we are all unique in our own way. So embrace every part of you.

It has been 5 months since my big chop and I can still say that I love my hair. My hair is not like anyone else. My curls are just for me and I love them!

Photo by Siu's View.
Photo by Siu’s View.

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